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Product Highlights

  • 20g Plant Based Protein/serving
  • Veggies & Greens Added – Provides natural, whole food based nutrients
  • Keto Friendly; Only 110-120 calories/serving
While there are a lot of plant based protein powders on the market today, the issue
is a lot of them are just ‘me too’ formulations. Sure, they provide a plant based
source of protein, but your protein could be doing more. That is why Vega Protein &
Greens was developed – to provide a premium, high quality source of plant based
protein with the added benefits of greens. In each serving of Protein + Greens,
you’ll get 20g of plant based protein along with the similar amount of Iron than 5 c
of spinach or broccoli and vit K than 1/2 c. of spinach...and all with only 110-120
calories. This makes for a potent, benefit packed protein that packs big punch of
benefit that goes beyond just protein!

Key Benefits

  • Premium Plant Based Protein
  • Added Greens & Veggies for Whole Food Nutrients
  • Only 110-120 Calories/serving

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