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VMI Sports

VMI Sports Krush It

VMI Sports Krush It

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Do you have enough energy to "Krush It" in the gym?

Our customers often ask which pre-workout supplements give the most intense energy. People want the energy and focus to power through the heaviest workout possible.

VMI Sports knows this, and that's why they formulated Krush It to be one of the highest-stim preworkout supplements.

Caffeine, Theobromine, Choline, Pikatropin, and a few more ingredients provide hard-hitting power and focus when you need it.

If you're sensitive to stimulants, or new to pre-workout supplements, we recommend you stay away from this one. But if you find that your old pre-workouts just don't give you the kick that they used to, Krush It can be the change you need.

VMI Sports Krush It Supplement Facts

VMI Sports Krush It supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Pre Workout

Phenomenal Pre workout, high stim no headache or crash provides long lasting energy.

Great Energy & Focus

First off, I didn't get cracked out like I have with some other high stim pre workouts I've taken. There also wasn't much of a crash which is good! Focus is intense. One of the best I've ever gotten with a pre workout. No pump, but it's a stim product. I would recommend trying.

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