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VMI Sports Vasogen XT (60 Caps)

VMI Sports Vasogen XT (60 Caps)

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If you are seeking spiderman like vascularity in the gym and a maximum muscle pump experience VMI Sports Vasogen XT will give you incredible results.

Imagine experiencing an entire workout with maximum muscle hardness, a sick pump, and incredible levels of vascularity. This is what Vasogen XT will give you.

On top of feeling amazing and making you look like a monster at the gym, vasodilation and massive muscle pumps are also great for gains. When you are extremely vascular and have a “pump” you are at the apex of nutrient delivery and blood flow.

This is extremely healthy and will allow the nutrients and amino acids in your post workout shake and post workout meal to be absorbed easier into your blood stream and help you initiate the beginning stages of growth and recovery (protein synthesis.)

Vasogen XT combines the following powerful ingredients in its Vasogen “Swell matrix blend”
  • Schizandra Berry Powder
  • AgmaPure(Agmatine Sulfate)
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Hawthorne Berry Powder
  • Vinitrox

How to take VMI Sports Vasogen XT

As a pump inducing pre workout supplement – take 2 capsules of Vasogen XT 15-20 minutes before your training session. Since this product does not contain caffeine – you can mix it with a caffeine containing pre workout for a powerful workout experience.

VMI Sports Vasogen XT (60 Caps) Nutrition Facts

VMI Sports Vasogen XT (60 Caps) Nutrition Facts
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