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VPX Fat Blaster Ketonz

VPX Fat Blaster Ketonz

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Product Highlights

  • 12g of goBHB exogenous ketones for promoting rapid ketosis and enhanced training capacity
  • 10g of goMCT providing 4g of pure caprylic triglycerides for rapid energy and enhanced ketosis
  • 300mg of caffeine and a novel 3:1 ratio of Leucine and Isoleucine for lean muscle preservation
If you’re doing the keto diet, you know it’s no joke. You need a support supplement as serious as you are, and Ketonz Fat Blaster from VPX is just the thing. Formulated with 12g of goBHB and 10g goMCT, Ketonz will set the bar for what you expect in a keto supporting formula. Formulated to enhance aerobic and anaerobic training capacity, support rapid energy and enhanced cognition in a ketogenic state, VPX Ketonz is the complete package from top to bottom.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Ketogenic Lifestyle for Athletic Individuals
  • Enhances aerobic and anaerobic training capacity
  • Supports the preservation of lean muscle during dieting
  • Provides rapid energy and enhanced cognitive state
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