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Product Highlights

  • 100% Natural Liquid Vitamin System
  • Tablet Free Technology for Optimal Delivery
  • Drastically Enhanced Nutrient Delivery

If you've been in the supplement game for any duration of time, you've at some point or another taken a multivitamin. The problem with most products on the market these days though is that they are in tablet form...great for getting a ton a vitamins in minerals into a small space, but horrible for being able to be broken down and absorbed. VPX Medivin addresses this issue head on with the innovative liquid capsule multivitamin. Unlike tablets that have even been reported to move through the entire digestive system without being broken down, Medivin is easily broken down from the capsule delivery format and readily absorbed. No more taking horse pill sized vitamins or downing vitamin 'rocks', only quality, easily absorbed multi-vitamins and minerals.

Key Benefits

  • Optimally Absorbed Vitamins & Minerals
  • Features Lactoferrin in place of Iron - No Upset Stomachs
  • Complete Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Spectrum Formula



Customer Reviews

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Tim Tirado

I’ve used a number of different multivitamins over the years and this one by far takes the cake… I feel like a completely different person internally since I have been using the medicine. I am a classic animal pack love her but this definitely blows that out of the water! I will definitely be ordering the medicine in adding it to my normal regime of vitamins and supplements

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