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VPX RedLine Microburst (100 Caps)

VPX RedLine Microburst (100 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Fast and Sustained Release Technology
  • High Potency Thermogenic
  • Smooth, Clean Energy – No Crash

VPX has created Redline Microburst using their innovative, Tri-Action liquid paired with dual action micro tabs to deliver an innovative thermogenic formula hits hard and fast. The fast acting liquid releases the active ingredients within seconds while the micro tabs are then triggered within minutes to deliver powerful fat scorching ingredients for hours.

Caffeine Anhydrous

  • Potent CNS stimulant that antagonizes adenosine receptors
  • Enhances mental focus and energy
  • Increase cognition and reaction time
  • Contributes to fat loss by helping release more fat cells and reduces fat storage


  • Inhibits adenosine, which decreases feelings of fatigue
  • Supports positive mood and heightened motivation to exercise
  • Diminished adaptation: No typical “adaptation” like other stimulants
  • Increases dopamine levels in the brain for “feel good” sensation

Berberine HCL

  • Stimulates the uptake of glucose into muscle cells
  • Helps improve insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces glucose production in the liver
  • Boosts fat oxidation at the cellular level
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties


  • Specialized extract of 'Grains of Paradise'
  • Stimulates loss of brown adipose (fat) tissue
  • Can help increase energy expenditure

Toothed Clubmoss

  • Cognitive enhancer that inhibits acetylcholinesterase
  • Shown to be useful in combating cognitive decline associated with aging

Yohimbe HCL

  • Increases adrenaline levels in the body
  • Stimulates Alpha receptors to help trigger fat loss
  • May help reduce body fat in ‘trouble areas’
  • Reduces hunger sensation

Black Pepper Extract

  • Patented fruit pepper extract
  • Enhances absorption of ingredients by 30-2,000% above baseline
  • Extends active half-life of other ingredients
  • Significantly enhances bioavailability of total product
  • Demonstrated to have positive effects on adrenaline

Manufacturer’s Directions:

As a dietary supplement, always begin use with 1 to 2 REDLINE MICRO BURST capsules daily to assess your tolerance. Take 1-2 capsules on an empty stomach before breakfast. Take 1 to 2 additional capsules seven hours later on an empty stomach, if desired. Never exceed more than 4 total capsules daily or more than 2 capsules in a single dosage. Do not use product for longer than 8 continuous weeks. Follow each 8 week cycle of use with a 4 week break.

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