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Olympus Labs RE1GN


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Olympus Labs RE1GN

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Forge your Destiny

The next evolution has finally come from Olympus Labs!

Olympus labs has been long known as a leading edge supplement company. They have shined in pre workouts and muscle builders that deliver results and has a strong fan base.

The original Conqu3r Unleashed has been completely improved and a new pre workout has been born in Re1gn. Re1gn is designed to be the complete all in one pre workout to end the debate of what pre workout is the best on the market. Designed for a true Demigod!

Olympus Labs prides themselves on three things: innovation, value, and results. Re1gn was designed with all of that in mind and delivers the complete package of focus, energy, pump, and performance. The new and innovative ingredients of VASO6 will give you the best pumps you’ve ever felt. Stim-X will take your energy and endurance levels to an all new level of extreme.

With ingredients like Stim X and TeaCrine, you have long lasting high energy throughout the entire workout and well after. Zero crash. The elevated mood from KannaEase will push your workouts and allow you to Re1gn extreme!

Available in seven flavors:

  • Area 51 – Sour Gummy Bear
  • Dragons Mist – Blue Freezie
  • Krusherz – Orange Candy
  • ISEE Fury – Cherry Slushie
  • Lions Blood – Tropical Colada
  • Pandora's Potion – Fuzzy Peach
  • Fairy's Kiss – Pink Bubblegum

Product Highlights

  • Premium quality pre workout with cutting edge ingredients
  • Skin tearing pumps and vascularity
  • Increase energy, motivation, focus, and tunnel vision
  • Intense strength, endurance, and muscle output
  • Immaculate laser sharp focus

Ingredient Breakdown

  • VASO6 – have been shown to significantly increase blood flow, yielding enhanced glucose uptake and muscle protein synthesis — which makes for bigger and better gains! Plus, it stimulates endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) enzyme which combats fatigue and improves strength & recovery. Yields superior results to that of Epicatechin.
  • L-Citrulline and Augmatine Sulfate – providing boosts in pump and endurance by increasing blood flow and allowing for more blood to be pumped into the muscle.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – the most popular and common stimulant on the market to enhance energy and performance.
  • ST1M-X – standardized extract of alkaloids of the C. Macroceras plant brings on new found sustained energy and focus. This is another ingredient Olympus Labs is the first to utilize.
  • Tasteless TeaCrine – compound that yields long lasting energy and doesn’t come with the tolerance buildup like caffeine does. Energy will build and last for hours without any crashing. Often difficult to mask the flavor, this new tasteless TeaCrine won’t ruin the flavor of your pre workout.
  • Julgans Regia Extract - J. Regia is a species of walnut tree indigenous to Southwest China and the Himalayas. More importantly, J. Regia is loaded with a number of alkaloids, which work to significantly enhance focus and energy. Often thought to be extracted for 2-amino-5-methylheptane, that would make it another form of DMHA that’s reportedly a bit stronger and a bit more expensive, so you don’t need as much. Olympus Labs is the primary brand using this stimulant, as most other supplement manufacturers have opted for regular DMHA, or 2-amino-6-methylheptane.
  • Eria Jarensis - Eria Jarensis contains several PEA-based compounds including: N-methyl-PEA, N,N-dimethyl-PEA, and N-phenethyl dimethylamine. E. Jarensis gives users a significant “euphoric” feel that lasts significantly longer than regular PEA — fyi regular PEA lasts all of 5-10 minutes. User feedback on the ingredient notes prolonged energy and elevated mood.

olympus labs reign olympus labs reign pt 2

RE1GN Supplement Facts

re1gn suppfacts

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  1. its ok review by dangerous dave on 2/19/2018

    dont be fooled by the hype on this one yes the energy boost is good but only last about 40 mins into a hard workout before you are completely drained and flat where as pre workouts like mesomorph will give the same feeling for about 2 hours also the crash on this drink it the worst i have ever had seriously bad!! the pumps are good cant take that away from it and the energy boost u get for the first 30 mins is good too but its not at the level its pretending to be. there are better drinks on the market thats for sure. also do not take this if u are doing cardio ur heart will seriously pump out ur chest not a nice feeling at all!! after abouta week ur body will get used to the crashes and it wont be so bad but also u get used to the boost it gives u and doest feel as strong either. they need to find a way of making that energy matrix last longer, then it will be wroth the crash but untill then choose another drink.

  2. Closest to DMAA products review by Chuba on 1/12/2018

    If you like DMAA products you will definitely like this shit. Since DMAA products have been being taken off the shelf this is the next best thing. I am a DMAA addict but since it is scarce and very expensive right now this is the way to go. I swear by this product. I got area 51 and lions blood.

  3. Effects review by Caliguy on 10/8/2017

    I had a bad case of stim dick on this supplement

  4. Crazy review by MacWad on 9/26/2017

    The best I've ever used. Period. This stuff is pure magic. I've had in the last 2 weeks the best workouts of my life. It beats Conqu3r Unleashed and everything else I've used, no matter what. This time OL surpassed all my expectations

  5. I DONT KNOW HOW TO REACT! Read. review by Nato on 9/25/2017

    I've taken a couple of Different pre work outs and barley feel the hit... and then my mate brought this in dragon mist. He told me to only take one scoop cause he felt like crap after the recommendation of 2. I took one 20 mins prior, I started working chest. It hit me and it hit me hard! Soo hard I had goosebumps for 5 hours!! I had cotton mouth, I was soo cold but sweating soo much was too pumped I played 2 netball games 3 hrs after taking it and still had goosebumps, and I've never felt this way before.
    I know people bodies react differently but this was insane!
    Sorry not for me :(

  6. Legit review by SupplementSnoop on 9/15/2017

    Let me start by saying I'm all about the science and methods behind the products. I created a smartphone app called Supplement Snoop that scans and breaks down supplements so people know more about the ingredients. Olympus Labs has always been up front with me about their process and despite a bad hiccup with one of the Re1gn flavors, the heart of the product remains. The Pumps are legit, the energy is there, and the strength numbers back it up. Citrulline and Agmatine Sulfate are great base ingredients but I love how Olympus pushes the boundaries after that. Vaso6 is really interesting. Grape Seed and Green Tea have been shown to have benefits for lifters and the combination is very unique. Eria Jarensis is a plant that contains chemicals that boost mood and focus. Olympus usually opts for this ingredient and I can say from my experiences I can absolutely tell it works. Do your homework before taking Re1gn, check out their website, my app etc. and get the information before taking a product.

  7. worth the wait in the end review by anth on 9/9/2017

    waited a long time for this after pre ordering and then another 3 weeks after suppz had sent it out to uk and then had to send one tub back (dragons mist due to the recall but as for the pre

    this tasted /(Area 51) (probably because of the yohimbine) and felt similar to blackstone labs v2 but much better, no negative effects at all whereas with my last pre mr hyde i would sweat and get headaches and hot flushes and runny nose as it was kicking in, this pre workout felt really good to me, no dizziness or funny head feelings or anxiety, but a kind of mild euphoria, extremely good focus and pumps..better than any other pre ive tried ( hyde, dust, total war, max out, game day, sidewalk kraka, mesomorph, wicked) long lasting energy with no crash at all and this from just 1 scoop, i take it everyday and dont feel over or understimmed so its perfect for me. the main reason i prefer this over other strong pre workouts is the mood enhancing ingredients and it being really effective at half dose without any side effects, i also like that the energy is constant throughout a 2 hour workout rather than peaks and crashes and it doesnt feel to stimmy to be distracting although the full dosage is a different story

  8. Very Good. Not My Favorite But Very Good review by Jon on 8/19/2017

    Comparing this to other pre workouts, it's definitely not my favorite. That goes to DVST8 White Cut. That said I would definitely put it at or just outside my top 5. I really didn't notice much until I started workout out, but after my first set I'm more focused than I think I have ever been. The energy is good but not overwhelming. The pump from VASO-6 is actually really good. I don't feel the need to add in a Nitric Oxide Booster alongside this pre. All in all a very good product. Definitely not for beginners or anyone sensitive to Yohimbine.

  9. Just like original Craze review by Jim on 8/19/2017

    I haven't had a pre workout this strong since the days of DS Craze. I don't know what it was but this just got me going. Crazy energy. I made it through my workout and then some. The pump was really good as well.

  10. Amazing review by agroupthink on 8/18/2017

    This is my new favorite pre. The energy, pumps, and focus are off the chart with even 1 scoop of this. Taste is definitely drinkable and far from being terrible. I'm really glad I picked up the 5 pack as this will become a staple for me.

  11. Energy, pumps, endurance review by Abel on 8/18/2017

    It gives me great energy and pumps, endurance wise it's crazy i can workout full upper body and do lower body too without getting tired.

  12. Not up to the hype. review by FitNut77 on 8/17/2017

    Gotta be honest...1 scoop of Re1gn didn't do much for me. I was able to get through the workout no prob, as usual, but can't say it was the pre that did that. It's just been a while since I've taken a high stim pre, even though I'm very tolerant, so I was being safe, especially since it was late in the afternoon. Loved the taste of Area 51 (8/10), it's delicious. Went with 2 rounded scoops the next day and, gotta be honest, I wanted a nap. I've been hearing about problems with different flavors of Re1gn, so perhaps I just got a bad batch, but it didn't do much at all for me.

  13. Promising, but misrepresented. review by Jared B on 8/17/2017

    I was THRILLED to receive Re1gn, as Olympus Labs has always released fantastic products that have fit into my stack well. Unfortunately, Re1gn did not follow the trend.

    Stim-X (and possibly mis-dosing on the first batch) seems to be the culprit here: I'm fine with heavy stims, but this stuff left me feeling like I overdosed on yohimbine. Shakes, sweats, nausea.

    Start with 1/4 of a scoop to assess tolerance, even if you're a stim junkie. Otherwise a great product.

  14. Not sure what just happened review by Bonedaddy on 8/15/2017

    First I will start by saying I know everyone reacts differently to supplements. I have been taking different supps for years. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had to a pre workout powder. I have never experienced anything like I did after taking this product. I could not even work out. It took about 20-25 minutes to kick in. Ok, I messed up and took one scoop and I should know better, but I never expected this. I workout in the morning and I drank this and headed to the gym expecting some great tingly, muscle pumping kick ass workout buzz. Instead I got the worst case of cold sweats ever. Sick to my stomach, queezy and light headed. I ate a protein bar and chugged a bottle of water to try to combat this awful feeling. That made things even worse. It took nearly 7 hours to feel normal again. I had chest scheduled so I hit the bench to try to suffer thru and only left a huge puddle of sweat and tanked the lift. I just threw in the towel and headed for the showers. I could not eat until about 5-6 hours later and then could barely get anything down. I am not going to say this stuff is bad, just not for me. I was hoping for so much more.

  15. Very weak review by Ryan on 8/11/2017

    I tried it 3 separate times and I get nothing from it. As weak as cellucorr c4. I'll be returning my containers

  16. Crack review by JP on 8/6/2017

    Went from Kraken to this.. I feel completely over stimmed, taste terrible, my pupils get so dilated I look like i sniffed a line. This is like the original jacked scoops x3 USE YOUR MONEY ELSE WHERE!!

  17. Did not meet the hype review by isaaru on 8/6/2017

    I was expecting much more from this pre, all aspects were unimpressive. The focus, energy, endurance, and pump were almost absent. If I wasn't persistent in my workout, I might have left the gym quickly because it somehow gave fatigue. The 20 scoops are expensive, since the pre doesn't get the job done. Maybe my tub wasn't to standard, but that would mean the quality control is lacking. I was really looking forward to having a new favorite pre, with novel new ingredients, however Re1gn missed the mark.

  18. Horrible Reaction - vomited, shaking, sweating.... review by Fair Rater on 8/5/2017

    I am not new to stims nor bodybuilding. I've been taking pre-workout supplements for years - including the stronger ones: Craze, God of War, God of Rage, Mesomorph, Kracken, etc. I got my BOGO order yesterday (Lion's Blood & Dragon's Mist). Was thrilled to finally get it after what felt like an unusually long delay. I took two scoops of Dragon Mist with water and looked forward to my work out. I first noticed a flushed dizziness feeling and thereafter, I began to profusely sweat without even starting my sets. Stunned, I went to the locker room just to cool off a bit; nope - didn't work. I recognized that I have no choice but to end a workout session that didn't even start. I decided to play it safe and drive home in what felt like the longest drive ever (even though it was 15 minutes). I drank numerous bottles of water to try to flush the stuff out. Didn't work. I recognized that it would just have to be the passage of time that would do the trick. Thankfully, the human body is wonderfully engineered; this is because I noticed getting nauseous and I began getting hiccups and while I was in the bathroom, I vomited. It immediately felt good since I recognized the stuff was getting out of my system. Vomited a few minutes thereafter more and finally - a third time. After this, I began feeling much better. In conclusion, I really wanted to like Re1gn. But based on this reaction, the old adage of - you cannot get a second chance of a first impression - will definitely and fittingly apply.

  19. On point. review by Weirdo with the beardo on 8/5/2017

    So let me start this off with a negative..the only negative I have of this preworkout. 0/5 on the flavor. I got the Icee Fury thinking maybe blue raspberry, it was absolutely aweful, it tastes like a bunch of mashed up vitamins. Worst tasting preworkout I have ever had.
    Buuut with that being said. It is also the best one I have tried too. I won't compare it to old Jack3d because I can't remember what that was like.
    Re1gn had me on a whole new level, smashed my workout with such great focus. My mind was telling me that I should be done but I couldn't stop knocking out reps. And the pump. The pump was unreal! I could feel the blood being pushed through the muscles during each rep. Hour and a half into my workout I had to force myself to leave the gym knowing i got a killer fucking workout and I was not even the slightest bit fatigued.
    Re1gn rating:
    Taste: 0/5
    Energy: 6/5
    Sleep tonight: -3/5

    They did right with this Pre. Kudos to Olympus Labs!

  20. Extreme focus and PUMP review by Beast Mode on 8/4/2017

    I received mine yesterday and was able to try it for the first time this morning. I did one heaping scoop, and started feeling the focus come on in about 15 minutes after taking. I trained back, and the pump was amazing. Strength seemed to go up. Could have been placebo, but I will take the increase regardless. I didn't have any jitters, was just in the zone and attacked the weights. Didn't have any come down, just a slow taper off the effects. They have made another great product with this one. I have been a fan of OL for a while now, and believe in all of their products.

  21. Lived up to the Hype review by gresh on 8/4/2017

    With 20+ yrs of preworkout experience, I would definitely consider placing this one in my top 5. Took 2 very heaping scoops about 30 mins before my workout. Great focus, intense energy with a hint of "rage"and tunnel vision throughout my 2 hrs at the gym. Taste was pretty good, but I never judge pre's based on that anyway. I would rank this above the current DMAA supps. Overall, Reign absolutely lived up to the hype.

  22. Best pump ever! review by LaFlame on 8/3/2017


  23. Been following the release of this preworkout review by Muscle Players Fan on 7/3/2017

    Been following the release of this preworkout ever since it was announced through muscle players and all i have to say is that i am impressed with the amount of detail that the company has gone through to introduce and premiere the product. First flavors, then the myth busters video, I am very excited to try the product and have no doubt it will be a 5/5.

    More people need to believe in OL and pick them up so they can grow

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