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Suppz is proud to offer one of the top pre workouts in the game, SUPERHUMAN. Alpha Lion cut no corners when formulating this pre workout, including only the most effective, industry leading ingredients at optimal dosages. SUPERHUMAN is a comprehensive pre workout that truly optimizes your energy, focus, pump, and endurance.

SUPERHUMAN clocks in at a massive 17g scoop of world-class ingredients. While that is less than some of the premier "clinically dosed" pre workouts such as Pre Kaged or Pre Jym, SUPERHUMAN arguably packs more bang into their scoop than those pre-workouts at nearly half the scoop size. While some pre workouts include everything including the kitchen sink, SUPERHUMAN has cut the excess redundant and filler ingredients, and included only the most beneficial ingredients for energy, pump, focus, and endurance. This is what you want out of a pre workout. In short, an optimized formula for optimized gains. 

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Ingredient Breakdown

  • DMHA - We love DMHA. The most cutting edge stimulant of the post-DMAA era, DMHA has made its way into the most popular pre workouts of the day. It's benefits include intense energy and tunnel vision focus. 
  • Caffeine - The compulsory ingredient in pre-workouts, Caffeine in SUPERHUMAN is dosed at an optimal level of 350mg including sources from both Caffeine Anhydrous and Caffeine Citrate (faster acting).
  • Nitrosigine - Also known as Arginine Silicate, Nitrosigine has been shown to be much more effective than Arginine at much lower dosages. Arginine is responsible for the muscle pump effect that you feel when working out, and Nitrosigine has been shown to have a very positive effect at improving muscle pump and blood flow. 
  • Beta Alanine - Responsible for inducing hyperemia (also known as the "beta tingles," Beta Alanine has been shown to improve strength and endurance with continuous use. SUPERHUMAN has included a massive 3.5g dose which is nearly double the dose that is normally seen in pre workout supplements. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews

Great service and great product

Best pre-workout

This is one of the best pre-wprkout I have ever tried. I have plenty of energy throughout my workout and there is no crash afterwards. I will definitely be buying this product again. The Lemonardo Divinci has a great lemonade flavor and it isn't harsh on your stomach like some pre-workouts out there.

Great Product

Great preworkout. Gets you going with no crash later. Been having great workouts ever since purchasing this.


Best prework out, always gives that last pump I need to get those last reps

This will Kick your Ass

This Hulk Juice will light you up like Jet Fuel. If you need a pre-workout mix that will give you the drive to accomplish more, this is it. Mix with a serving of BCAA and you'll get the workout you've always wanted. Also, my shaker(pictured here) was also unavailable after I ordered it. I emailed suppz and let them know how much this particular bottle meant to me. They offered a replacement but when I explained it they got right on it and got me the bottle. This is a great supplement distributer and will continue to order from them.