Suppz Rewards - Vitamins & Supplement Rewards Program

Suppz Rewards Program

How would you like to earn money back on the supplements that you are already buying? The Suppz rewards program is our way of giving back to you for being a loyal customer. Once you sign up, you will receive $1 worth of Suppz Bucks for every $20 spent, along with more earning opportunities. For our brick and mortar customers, a separate program is available in stores. Ask your local Suppz stores associate for more details.

How To Sign Up

Signing up is easy! Simply create an account or login to your account and view your rewards widget by clicking the link in our website header and footer, or clicking the button in your account or cart page. From here you can view your current rewards along with how to earn and spend Suppz Bucks.

What Can You Use Your Suppz Bucks For?

Suppz Bucks can be exchanged for money off your next order or other items. Our current offers are listed below.

  • Shaker Cup - 500 Suppz Bucks
  • $5 OFF Your Next Order - 1000 Suppz Bucks
  • $10 OFF Your Next Order - 2000 Suppz Bucks
  • $15 OFF Your Next Order - 3000 Suppz Bucks
  • $20 OFF Your Next Order - 4000 Suppz Bucks

How Do I Earn Suppz Bucks?

Suppz Bucks can be earned in any of the following ways. These can all be done from your Rewards Program panel in the bottom left hand corner of your screen or by using the widget on this page.

  • Website Or Store Purchase - 10 Suppz Bucks per dollar spent.
  • Refer A Friend - 100 Suppz Bucks
  • Birthday Bonus - 100 Suppz Bucks
  • Account Creation - 100 Suppz Bucks
  • Share On Pinterest - 100 Suppz Bucks
  • Share On Twitter - 100 Suppz Bucks
  • Share On Facebook - 100 Suppz Bucks
  • Write A Product Review - 100 Suppz Bucks

How to Redeem Suppz Bucks

To redeem Suppz Bucks please do the following. After redeeming you will be given a promotional code to use on your next order. These codes cannot be used retroactively on orders already placed.

  • Login to your account.
  • Launch the rewards widget by clicking the rewards link in the website header or footer menus, or clicking the rewards button in your account or cart page. 
  • Click view on the reward you qualify for.
  • Click the redeem button.
  • Copy the coupon code. If you lose this code it can be found in the ACTIVITY tab of your rewards account.
  • You can use this code on your next order. This is done in your shopping cart in the DISCOUNT CODES tab.

What if I didn't get my Suppz Bucks?

If for some reason your Suppz Bucks didn't apply to your account, please email with your order number, or proof of referral, post, etc.