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Black Magic Supply BZRK

Black Magic Supply BZRK

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Product Highlights

  • 7g of Citrulline Malate for Amplifying Nitric Oxide Production
  • 3.2g of BetO patented Beta Alanine – Orotic Acid for Maximum Training Capacity
  • 2.5g of GlycerPump for Maximal Muscle Volumization and Fullness
Good, Better, Best. That is how the game rolls in the world of sports nutrition and
when you’re looking for the top tier pre-workout in the game, BZRK from Black
Magic Supply has stood the test of time. Since it’s launch, it has been building its
legacy as one of the most intense pre-workout rides you’ll go on. Revamped for
today’s latest market, BZRK is hitting harder than ever and delivering serious
pumps to blow you up beyond your wildest dreams.

Key Benefits

  • Intense Pumps & Power Output
  • Elite Focus & Training Energy Formula
  • Enhanced Training Capacity & Recovery Rate

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 97 reviews
      N.B. (Solana Beach, US)
      Best Preworkout Hands Down

      I have purchased this pre workout at least 8 times and figured it’s only fair to add my two cents on the product. I find it provides me with great mental clarity and energy, enough to focus through a 2+ hour lift day in day out, regardless of my mood or energy levels prior to taking it. No beta alanine itch like I have experienced with other pre’s, rather just a slight tingle at maximum pump which is borderline euphoric. It feels amazing. The flavors are great, however the limited editions can be hit or miss. My favorites are the peach rings and lemon raz icy. If you add some additional citrulline malate to those it truly taste like you are drinking sour candy. I cannot recommend this pre workout enough and it will probably remain the only pre workout I buy moving forward. I simply love the focus it gives me paired with a sustainable level of pump boost to take it on a daily basis. 10/10 would recommend. Stop waiting around and buy it already!

      JB (Morris, US)
      Great Flavor, Strong Stim

      Focus & clarity, Improved, Stamina, better workout.

      Jesse DeSantell (Westby, US)

      This is legit. The ingredient profile is sound, and at the correct dosages. It's a bit on the high end for caffeine content, but I love it! And the flavor is quite enjoyable. When Wifey and I go on a date, she likes to get a mojito, but doesn't do pre-workouts like I do. I let her try some and she said it tasted just like a mojito. All around great product! When I run out of this one, I might just have to try another flavor :-)

      Clayton (Minneapolis, US)
      Solid pre workout!

      I got the green magic and taste was pretty good! Definitely above average. Gives a pretty good jolt of energy about 15 min after taking it. Overall I liked it but might be a touch strong for what I need

      Clayton (Grove City, US)
      Really enjoyed this preworkout

      Solid preworkout
      Taste was pretty good definitely better than most. Seemed plenty effective and was good for pumps. Would recommend

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