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King of Preworkout

Flavor - Haterade has an amazingly refreshing lemon-lime taste that’s not too sweet and seems just right for preworkout. The energy I get from it is significant. No jittery feeing but definitely a rise in focus. It seems almost euphoric at times. Great pump and stamina as well. Love this product. I bought 2 flavors, haterade and blue voodoo punch. Haterade is my favorite but I like to mix it up from say to day. The haterade was filled to the brim when I opened it. See photo included, definitely get your money’s worth.

Delicious & High Quality

I enjoy the Chocolate PB Puffs and Blueberry Muffin flavors. I have tried many brands, but this one is my favorite brand for protein powder. It mixes easily with milk or water, tastes delicious, and I like the nutritional value. I think this is truly a great product and would recommend it to anyone. I've bought these two flavors multiple times, typically there are deals on them too which is just another incentive.

Very good

It is very good product for gym for pre workout


Andy and Galaxy Labs really have outdone themselves. He recommended taking it right before my workout and I found out why. Half hour into my workout and a surge of energy hits you! One of few pro hormones I've taken that I could feel something instantly. Def makes you feel "UNHUMAN"! I'm stalking this with Abnormal and can't wait to see the results

Good stuff

Great product


Tastes amazing even with just water. It's the sweetest of the flavors in my opinion and tastes amazing in oatmeal or cream of rice!

Peanut Butter Cookie

Probably my least favorite of all the flavors. Best way to describe it is a nutter butter cookie. I always add a little sweeter to boost its flavor


For the calories. This protein is hard to beat. Works especially well for baking since it's a blend


This stuff definitely works. It makes maintaining muscle while losing weight so much easier.

God of Flavor

Got my order today and immediately went to the gym. The Slime flavor is one of the best pre flavors I have ever had. The energy was A1 and I like how it has 1 and 2 scoop ratios to really dial in how much to scoop before your lift. Definitely would order again.

Total War Value

Solid energy, with a clean ingredient label if you want a pre that doesn't have 1000 ingredients. Taste is good, I mixed my orange crush with OJ in the mornings. Definitely recommend


If you don't want to read its good and worth $60. Everyone else, I got into pros around 6 years ago and within a year or two they banned all the old methylated hardcore ones and then SARMS came out and the pill ones are all bullshit I must've wasted 100s. I've seen this throughout the years and figured why not $60 is nothing for a multi dose pro. Im about to finish my first box and came back to order my second. Its not like the old wet methylated pros you don't blimp up over night and your bench doesn't go up 20+lbs in 14 days but with 2 tabs a day noticeable performance and size changes have happened and i'm staying lean which is big for me. With meal prep and 180 in protein a day in 3 weeks (started with one tab and increased later to 2) ive put on 6 lbs and i'll end up around a 5-6 week cycle at 2 tabs a day one in the AM one in the PM and expect to put on 12 total and keep probably 9-10. I would pay $120 to run a solid month of this I used to spend more. Overall worth it if you're new run 1 a day in the AM for month see how it goes for anybody else run the 2 split AM/PM and get your protein in to maximize your time on this. Ill take a month off with PCT and run another one I don't feel any gyno but just always pct bc you never know til its too late. Thanks halodrol good shit

It works

I will admit to doing very little in the work out department. I use this for the energy boost and appetite suppression with maintaining a decent diet. I've noticed a increase in energy that last me at least 8 hours. I personally do not think I could take this more than once a day (it would feel like too much). It does give a bit of jittery feeling but not overwhelming. Good product. I will purchase again.

Devils Cake

This protien was great! One of the best I have ever had.

Great Preworkout

High intensity and great pump every time. I’ve been going back to this for about 18 months now, cycling to avoid developing a tolerance. The only negative thing I have to say is the high caffeine content, but if you’re looking for that, then this is a perfect pre workout for you.


Awesome flavor and awesome results. I recommend this to anyone.


I love the pre, it’s very powerful and give me good workouts. The Pineapple Express flavor is pretty bad but i dry scoop my pre anyways.

Worth the price

This has become my go-to pre workout choice. Awesome stuff!

Increased strength, limited muscle gain (4 weeks in)

I'm 5'11 152lbs. Went on a cut during my first every cycle of 1-AD. Based on empirical studies and anecdotal experiences from others, seems like I should have recomped but not seeing any visible gains just yet even though I'm 4 weeks in. I'll give a more conclusive review after I complete the last 3 weeks. I did however see pretty rapid strength gains despite being on a cut. Usually, I experience serious fatigue and nervous system weakening when trying to lift heavy on a cut, but this time I've actually gone up on PRs!


Lots of energy but i feel something is missing to take it up a level

Great pump

Great pre-work out all around

Peanut Butter Cookie

I had dental implants put in and I couldn't eat any solid foods for two weeks. I tried this, and it was amazing. Great taste, and not gritty. I will continue to use this product going forward.


Love this product! All of the flavors are amazing! It definitely helps me with a caffeine boost throughout the day without the crash!

Works well, tastes strange

It works well for an energy boost and no crash after so I would recommend trying it. The flavors are a little strange compared to optimum nutritions version of amino energy though. It also doesn't mix quite as well as ON. There's often little crystals of undisolved powder in my shaker.


I wanted to try this one for the pancakes and syrup flavor. It tastes great and mixes well.