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Axe N Sledge Supplements The Grind
Jared Byrne (Quarryville, US)

Not the biggest dose, and missing methionine but it’s a great formula and amazing flavors. Cherry is insanely good.

Core Nutritionals CORE ABC
Jared Byrne (Quarryville, US)
Fantastic Value

Great cost for what you get. High doses of aminos, and amazing flavors.

Black Magic Supply BZRK
N.B. (Solana Beach, US)
Best Preworkout Hands Down

I have purchased this pre workout at least 8 times and figured it’s only fair to add my two cents on the product. I find it provides me with great mental clarity and energy, enough to focus through a 2+ hour lift day in day out, regardless of my mood or energy levels prior to taking it. No beta alanine itch like I have experienced with other pre’s, rather just a slight tingle at maximum pump which is borderline euphoric. It feels amazing. The flavors are great, however the limited editions can be hit or miss. My favorites are the peach rings and lemon raz icy. If you add some additional citrulline malate to those it truly taste like you are drinking sour candy. I cannot recommend this pre workout enough and it will probably remain the only pre workout I buy moving forward. I simply love the focus it gives me paired with a sustainable level of pump boost to take it on a daily basis. 10/10 would recommend. Stop waiting around and buy it already!

Revive Creatine HCL Gummies
Julie (Los Angeles, US)
Horrible. Like eating rocks

Hard as rocks. Impossible to chew. Two thumbs down.

Hi Tech Pharma Testosterone 21 (120 Tabs)
Collin Ferguson (Boise, US)
Hi-Tech has done it again!

Another top notch product from Hi-Tech. Testosterone 21 is my favorite test booster. Works great as PCT, or if you’re just looking for a boost of strength and energy(in the gym or the bedroom:)

Excellent product from an excellent supplier

As a stim junkie, I add one of these bad boys to pretty much any preworkout and bam you're going and sweating for hours. That said, I've never taken two let alone four. As with hitechs other two main fat burners this does cause prostate issues. Not as bad as hydroxyelite but still happens, not sure why.


It's an amazing supplement. It's great at what it does. Be careful if you're sensitive to alpha yo though, can have negative side effects for that population group. Also, prostate issues do happen with this.

NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)
Pamela Fenton (New Bern, US)
My Go-To Energy Drink

I've been using Charged Amino for a few years now. It's my "coffee" in the morning to get me going without jitters. My favorite is the Peach Mango but I'm also partial to the Strawberry Lemonade. Recommend.

Suppz Superdrol

On my second bottle single cycle my strength went up im pushing 75 lb dumbbells with ease my cardio increase as well i did started gaining weight i put on 9 lbs since my cycle i highly recommend but i will be switching over too monstersteriiod after i cycle off just too compare i been doing supplement for a while so im not new too this i stay around 10 too 20 mg a day with proper liver protection and i always follow up with a oct so with that being said becarful and make some gains

Unbound UNBENT Beyond Pump
Mitch (Reading, US)
Unreal pumps

Pumps are top notch 10/10

Extreme pumps

The focus on this is a nootropic bomb , will have you on the zone for hours

Myoblox 24/7 Aminos
C. (Marshall, US)
Pretty good

This time the flavor was the orange and I did not like it as much as the zombie blood. It was good but wasn’t amazingly good.

C. (Minneapolis, US)
Love the taste

The rainbow sherbet is amazing! I really like this pre and keep coming back to it and love trying all the new flavors

Alpha Lion Superhuman Greens
C. (Marshall, US)
Actually taste pretty good!

Taste is good! Seems like everything alphia lion does is pretty solid


Amazing product, great for longevity and blood sugar control. Similar to Metformin in its mechanism.

Galaxy Labs UNHUMAN SuperNatural (90 Caps)
Andre Bernier (Gatineau, CA)
Incredibly worth it

I'll be ordering my 3rd bottle pretty soon this product is right for me muscles are growing 💪 and workouts are very impressive the pump is out of this world highly recommended for awesome muscular growth 👏 👍💪

Clayton (Farmington, US)
I love this new formula

The new formula is perfect for me and the rainbow sherbet is awesome! Just a solid preworkout that keeps me coming back


Unbelievable effects! You feel like a sponge soaking up the carbs, definitely notice a leaning effect, and stronger pumps. Great for overall health too!

Nutrabio Alpha EAA
Jared Byrne (Voorhees Township, US)

Best price per scoop of any alpha-gpc product, and includes aminos! Amazing product.

Clean & mean

Everything you need at a very handsome done with only 200mg of caffeine. Just ordered Two more since they’re in stock. Great flavor too. Not over the top, doesn’t get old.

Hi Tech Pharma 1-Testosterone (60 Caps)
Collin Ferguson (Boise, US)
superior gains

Hi-Tech by far makes the best prohormones. Don't waste your money or time on any other. Stack with Decabolin for superior gains!

NutraBio Classic Whey
Anonymous (Minneapolis, US)
Good value protein

This product has good value for the amount of protein you're getting along with amino acids. I have tried strawberry shortcake and cookies n cream and both were above average taste-wise, but make sure you use enough liquid to prevent clumping (more than it says on the container). Overall a solid choice.

NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)
Anonymous (Minneapolis, US)
Solid energy with no crash

Blue raz and cherry limeade are super tasty and mix well. Stay away from tropical lime and peach mango unless you like really sweet or tangy. Great value product.

Ryse Fuel Energy Drink (1 Can)
J. (East Dubuque, US)
Sunny D

Actually taste like sunny d. Favorite flavor by far

Nutrabio KSM-66 Ashwagandha
Jared Byrne (Hummelstown, US)

Great value for money! High dose, lots of caps.