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Black Magic Supply Skull Dust
Brittany (Garland, US)
Great Stuff

I love this coffee creamer, can't stop coming back for more. The hazelnut flavor is my go-to. 2 scoops to my morning mug is a great boost. Has no weird aftertaste, dissolves perfectly and gives that smooth creamer taste to your coffee. Smells a little bit like marshmallows and the powder is extra fine, so be careful closing the bag or you'll get a nosefull of it. Not like smelling hazelnuts for an hour after is a bad thing, though hah.

Finaflex Oatmeal Protein Pie
Brittany (Garland, US)
Tasty Surprise

Got a couple boxes of these and was surprised to get the Georgia Peach flavor. That was my bad for not reading the listing hah. Even being an "expired" product, they maintained freshness and only a couple were 'stale'(just a little harder to chew). Flavor was a tasty surprise, and they're great little to-go pick-me-ups I like to take for when I'm on the road for work and don't want to stop somewhere for drive-thru garbage. They're filling and give you just the right little bit of sweetness if you've got a sweet tooth like me. One of these and a bottle of water is a perfect mid-shift snack to tide me over until I get home to cook a real dinner. Really dig 'em.

Hi-Tech Pharma HydroxyElite (90 Caps)
Autumn (Eau Claire, US)
Love it!

I tried this product a while ago and it gave me amazing results! I totally recommend it to anyone looking to find a weight loss supplement that actually works!

Galaxy Labs Light Year Pre Workout
Caden atson (Endicott, US)

solid preworkout; can't go wrong. don't use too frequently.

Condemned Labz ConvictStim
Ray (Bloomington, US)
I don’t want you to know

…that this is the best stim cause then you meatheads will buy it all up. My only beef is that suppz is constantly out of stock on the white and black flavors. Long duration, minimal crash effect, side benefit of suppressing appetite if you are looking for that. Enables fasted workouts great!

Ray (Bloomington, US)
Overrated supp with a big name

This was not as energizing as other pre’s I use from Suppz like Convict, which rocks it. Weird feeling plus pronounced crash…reminds me of the 5 hour energy feeling.

Will buy every time

I’ve taken this before and was really happy with how it worked. Kept most of my gains. Almost at the end of my cycle now and gonna stack it with apex male.

Awesome product

Took while on a cycle and worked great. Will definitely buy again.

It does work

I really liked this product and it does what it’s suppose to do. You’ll get some gains from taking it but nothing crazy. If you want real noticeable gains, I’d stack it with brutal 4ce or abnormal. But all in all it’s a great product

NutraBio Classic Whey
Caitlyn Locke (Dubuque, US)
Strawberry 🍓 Shortcake

I’ve only tried the strawberry shortcake so far but it is a 10/10. It tastes just like the ice cream bar.

Metabolic Nutrition E.S.P. Extreme (Old Version)
J.B. (Los Angeles, US)
Create Product with alot of servings

The product was priced well and lasted a good amount of time! Strongly recommend


Took it for eight weeks-serious results. muscle mass and strength gain. No side effects. Going to stack with decabolin next

Great euphoric pre, love the low caffeine in it and doesnt have a crash

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump
NoFate247 (Dracut, US)
Pumps are LEGIT

Great Stim Free pre workout - Gives you a nice focus with a hefty, vein splitting pump. Really love almost all their flavors and this one is right on solid. No clumping experienced and man was I mad when it was gone.

NutraBio Pre Extreme
JB (Morris, US)
Good & Bad

Not as strong as I anticipated, a good flavor.

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Crimson (Expired 5-19. Still Fresh, NO clumping)
JB (Morris, US)
Pineapple flavor, terrible.

Pineapple is one of the worst things I have every tasted, otherwise pretty strong stim.

Black Magic Supply BZRK
JB (Morris, US)
Great Flavor, Strong Stim

Focus & clarity, Improved, Stamina, better workout.

Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll
JB (Hancock, US)

Got this product as a 2 for 1. The flavor isn't the best, kinda gotta choke it down. All in all not terrible.

BSN NO Xplode
JB (Hancock, US)

Got green apple, didn't love the flavor but was a good non-stim pre.

Dymatize ISO-100
JB (Hancock, US)

Tastes great, not clumpy, filling.

APS Mesomorph
JB (Hancock, US)

Good Pump, not too crazy on the stimulants, had to bump to two scoops after two weeks.s 8/10.

NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)
Ashley Schaefer (Fennimore, US)
My favorite drink!

The best drink around! Great taste and a perfect way to stay hydrated. Blue raz is my go to!

MTS Nutrition Outright Bar
Ashley Schaefer (Fennimore, US)
Great Bars!

My favorite bars! The mint is my favorite but many good flavors to pick from. The bars are soft and so tasty!!

Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme
Sydney Teresinski (Middleton, US)
The best!

As a woman who lifts, I struggled to find a vegan protein that I didn’t hate! The Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme vanilla cake flavor is bomb! I HIGHLY recommend.

So far so good!

I've really enjoyed the product thus far. It's only been a week, but it's really helping me with noticeable clean energy and focus (not jittery and no heart palpitations like i've had with other products). It's a good addition to my work out and diet plan. The only negative side effect that I've experienced is SO much sweating from start to finish. I don't sweat a lot at all even when pushing pretty hard. So for this to make me sweat this much... I was a bit surprised! But then again, its a supplement. What do you expect, right? lol. Anyways, I would recommend giving it a try, but every single person is different so what works for me obviously isn't for everyone!