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Alpha lion Gains Candy Rip Factor (60 Caps)
Leif Larson (Orfordville, US)

Haven’t noticed any bad side effects. Seems to help with strength and cutting. Best to combine with other supplements for enhanced effects.

Dymatize ISO-100
Jake (Dallas, US)
Value and Quality

Another Dymatize product that is great value and great quality. Easy mixing, best tasting protein I've had by far. Also don't experience much bloating either as I have with other brands in the past.

BN Labs Ultimate Whey Isolate
Josh (Plover, US)
Yes Please

Salted Caramel kind of tastes like that old powdered coffee creamer that's clumpy and past its expiration date.... Buttttttt, the purity of this protein is insanely good!


I don't workout now without taking one. I've noticed more energy during cardio and better pumps when pounding the weights!


Peach Mango is the GOAT of these flavors. Toooo easy to drink!

Gimme Dat

Love the new Tropical Lime flavor. This is my go to now for hydration throughout and after a good workout!

SWOLE MFs Sizzurp (With DMHA)
Customer (Richland, US)
Love it

This pre has a very unique formula. There is a nice stim mix along with 150mg of epicatechin. A little underdosed on the Citruline and the BA. The grape is the best tasting grape supplement I have ever tasted. There is a bit of flavor from one of the ingredients that is not well masked though. I bought a bunch of this one.

NutraBio Intra Blast
Jeremy H. (Sunbury, US)
Great quality

First time trying anything from this brand and I'm impressed. This intra workout supplement helps keep me moving throughout the day and as a cherry on top the flavors are on point. Would definitely recommend

Black Magic Supply Protein
Jeremy H. (Sunbury, US)

Got the devil's cake and the chocolate PB puffs love them both! Mixes well even with water love the honest nutritional information

Blackstone Labs Glycolog (180 Caps)
Tammy (Lake Placid, US)
Great product.

Love this for those insulin sensitive clients- I suggest taking 20 min. Before carb meals.

Dymatize ISO-100
Tammy (Lake Placid, US)
Always recommend

This is the whey isolate I suggest to all my clients. Best flavors and super clean.

Chosen 1 Stacked with Quad Meth

Yes I’ve been stacking the Chosen 1 with the Quad Meth product and have been seeing great results within the first week. There is definitely some additional aggression that comes with this stack, but well worth it. Looking forward to finishing the cycle.


I’ve been taking the Quad-Meth for 1 week now., but I am stacking it with Chosen 1. The difference in the gym has been amazing. The amount I’m lifting has all increased between 5-20lbs during reps depending on the exercise. I’ve already noticed awesome pumps and size as well. The big key is also proper diet and eating. Looking forward to finishing this cycle out.

5% Nutrition 5150
Leonardo H. (Frankfort, US)
Best thing out there

I was taking the Woke AF for 2 months and decided to switch to the 5150, the change was night and day. You go hard all your workout including that post workout cardio. Will buy again!

Phase One Nutrition AndroMass 60Caps
Tim Brehm (Davenport, US)
Really good

I was really I’mpressed I took this and got really good size and strength. Good quality lean gains. Highly recommended!!!!

Great recovery

It takes time for. To take effect but once it does it helps you recover amazing 🤩

Chemix Natabolic (240 Caps)
Eduardo (Elizabeth, US)
Amazing Af

I tried other test boosters but this one is amazing, I contacted the company and they told me to keep dosage consistent through out time, every day the same time. Honestly this feels great 👍

Nutrabio Alpha EAA
David Helstrong (Olathe, US)
Effective but clumpy

I got the New York Punch and the flavor is on point! Tastes great and can feel the effects. Only downside is it doesn't mix great, there's always a sediment layer at the top that slowly dissolves as you drink. Overall I would order again.

NTel Nutra AREZ SUPER スーパー
Matt (San Antonio, US)
Unique Ingredient List

I like that this preworkout has a very different ingredient profile than the others on the market. The caffeine content is not too high and no DMHA or Creatine (to me is a cheap filler in preworkouts). I like the patented ingredients that this product offers. I found the Slime flavor to be okay. I had higher hopes based off reviews on the flavoring. An independent review site built this preworkout up as if it were too strong but I did not find that to be the case. I am not sure if I would purchase it again at this point as it did not strike me as anything special.

Alani Nu Energy
Pete (Omro, US)

Not to sweet not to strong

Bucked Up Heat Hardcore
Peter Kindt (Omro, US)
Thing savage

Strong af

Alani Nu Energy
Pete Kindt (Omro, US)
Clean energy

Taste clean and clear refreshing drink

Broke out

First dose went to the gym felt great woke up 6 hrs later covered in hives and water blisters any one else had this problem I’ve done others in the past with no issues kinda bummed really wanted to give these a try

MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed
eddie (Toledo, US)
defiant unleashed

This is the strongest preworkout I've ever had but I have never had a better preworkout than this before. This is the best I have ever had. I felt so laser focused and just out of this world alert and it lasted hours! It almost feels like being on some great drugs that aren't drugs or harmful .

Black Magic Supply BZRK
ERM (Minneapolis, US)
Gives you a jolt!

Love love love this stuff. Gets the blood pumping and it will give you a great lift!