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Tastes great and hydrates wonderfully. I bet it would make a good mixer too?!


Tastes great and goes down easy. What more is there to say?!

So close and yet so not.

I wanted to like this so badly, it had the makings of greatness. Perfect flavor combo, hitting all the good ingredient marks, conveniently multipurpose, but sadly that was just too good to be true.
I choked it down out, and you should have seen the violent face reactions. So sad. It's just not tasty.

NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)
Kaden Ammon (Fennimore, US)

This is the best for working out it

NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)
Nolan Rohrer (Palatine, US)

This stuff is awesome. Great taste and the right amount of energy to keep you going throughout the day!

Taste great

I really like the lemonade flavors. The strawberry lemonade is really good not to sweet not to tart just right

New strawberry lemonaid vs old strawberry Lemonade

When you changed the label you also changed the flavor and color.... I definitely like the older version much better than the new one....

Candy grape

My husband's #2 flavor, not overly grape, kinda refreshing

Tropical lime

This flavor is different, definitely drinkable, if you like a light lime you will like this

Peach mango

I think this one is very strong in flavor and can only drink it half strength but still is yummy

Blueraz lemonade

My husband loves this flavor, definitely his go to! Helped him quit the soda!!!

Love it

Cherry limeade is my #2 favorite flavor

Love it

Most of these are amazing, strawberry Lemonade is my favorite ♡


Love this product!

Love it

These taste awesome and I use them every morning workout to make me not feel so empty. Highly recommend the cherry limeade

NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)
Michelle Hill (Niagara Falls, US)
Best Product

I am loving this product! I bought 3 different flavors and it is by far the best amino/preworkout powder to me. It's like a 3 in 1 with the electrolytes as well. No jitters and all day energy! Easy on the stomach too!

Alpha lion Gains Candy Rip Factor (60 Caps)
Leif Larson (Orfordville, US)

Haven’t noticed any bad side effects. Seems to help with strength and cutting. Best to combine with other supplements for enhanced effects.

Dymatize ISO-100
Jake (Dallas, US)
Value and Quality

Another Dymatize product that is great value and great quality. Easy mixing, best tasting protein I've had by far. Also don't experience much bloating either as I have with other brands in the past.

Yes Please

Salted Caramel kind of tastes like that old powdered coffee creamer that's clumpy and past its expiration date.... Buttttttt, the purity of this protein is insanely good!


I don't workout now without taking one. I've noticed more energy during cardio and better pumps when pounding the weights!


Peach Mango is the GOAT of these flavors. Toooo easy to drink!

Gimme Dat

Love the new Tropical Lime flavor. This is my go to now for hydration throughout and after a good workout!

SWOLE MFs Sizzurp (With DMHA)
Customer (Richland, US)
Love it

This pre has a very unique formula. There is a nice stim mix along with 150mg of epicatechin. A little underdosed on the Citruline and the BA. The grape is the best tasting grape supplement I have ever tasted. There is a bit of flavor from one of the ingredients that is not well masked though. I bought a bunch of this one.

NutraBio Intra Blast
Jeremy H. (Sunbury, US)
Great quality

First time trying anything from this brand and I'm impressed. This intra workout supplement helps keep me moving throughout the day and as a cherry on top the flavors are on point. Would definitely recommend

Black Magic Supply Protein
Jeremy H. (Sunbury, US)

Got the devil's cake and the chocolate PB puffs love them both! Mixes well even with water love the honest nutritional information