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NutraBio Classic Whey

NutraBio Classic Whey

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supplement facts
  • 100% Whey Protein Concentrate 80% whey
  • Boosts Protein Synthesis
  • Improves Nitrogen Retention
  • Supports Gains In Muscle Growth & Strength
  • Advanced-Full Spectrum Amino Acid Profile
  • No Proprietary Blends, Fillers or Excipients
  • 25g Protein/serving
  • 130calories/serving
  • 5+g BCAA/serving

NutraBio has long been known for creating some of the cleanest, most trusted products on the market since their launch in 1996. Stemming from their roots, NutraBio Classic Whey is the same incredible, no nonsense formula that started it all. There’s no need to re-create a classic, and with that note, NutraBio is brining you the same great formula with the fitting name – Classic Whey.

NutraBio Classic Whey provides a very straight-forward formula, it is comprised entirely of whey protein concentrate, known in the industry as WPC80. In layman’s terms, this means that it is create using whey protein concentrate that is a minimum of 80% protein content with the remaining 20% being naturally occurring analogs including great things like immunoglobulins that can aid in immune health.

The protein content is 100% non-denatured WPC80, meaning that unlike some other proteins on the market, it isn’t treated with acids. Instead, Classic Whey is processed with a low-temperature cross flow micro filtration process which means that it keeps the protein fractions intact, providing a higher amino acid profile.

In regards to the amino acid profile, it is rich in branched chain amino acids packing at least 5grams preserving. Additionally, NutraBio Classic Whey provides an outstanding profile of Essential, Non-Essential and Conditionally Essential amino acids; all which will help you drive new muscle growth and recovery from having optimal nitrogen retention.

Classic Whey is a great choice for all, being OU Kosher certified gluten free and has a low glycemic index. Furthermore, NutraBio Classic Whey boasts a clean ingredient profile that is 97% lactose free and contains no fillers or additives and is a great, less expensive alternative to whey protein isolate.

Manufacturer’s Directions:

Add 1 scoop to 8 ounces of cold water, juice, milk, or your favorite beverage. Shake until well dissolved and drink immediately. Note: To add extra calories mix with liquids other than water. You can add more or less liquid to meet your desired taste and caloric needs. You can also add to foods such as yogurt, cereal and oatmeal or use it in cooking muffins, pancakes, etc., to get more protein into your daily diet.

Classic Whey Supplement Facts

supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Caitlyn Locke (Dubuque, US)
Strawberry 🍓 Shortcake

I’ve only tried the strawberry shortcake so far but it is a 10/10. It tastes just like the ice cream bar.

HMick (Champaign, US)
Ice Cream & Cookie Dream

This was good but disappointed. I think it is Cookies in Cream with extra vanilla maybe. Just a watered down cookies in cream flaovor. Good but nothing to write home about. It does mix up nice and thick so that's a plus.

Will Liu (New York, US)

One of the best product out there

HMick (Champaign, US)

I am a huge fan of this protien. It is more expensive then some others but the flavors are great. Horchata flavor may be the best tasting protien I have ever had!

Jordan Chapman (Whitewater, US)
Good Value

Okay taste, Good value

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