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Lipodrene Elite Bottle Front

Hi Tech Pharma Lipodrene Elite (90 Tabs)


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  • Lipodrene Elite Bottle Front Lipodrene Elite Bottle Front

Hi Tech Pharma Lipodrene Elite (90 Tabs)

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Lipodrene Elite is here! The newest formulation of the best selling diet pill Lipodrene, Lipodrene Elite uses the latest weight loss extract, Coca Leaf. According to the manufacturer, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, Coca Leaf has been used by indigenous people in Peru, Bolicia, and Ecuador for it's appetite suppression and energy benefits. They would chew Coca Leaf for energy in order to work all day long without eating. It's also believed that Coca Leaf Extract will work very synergystically with DMAA, Caffeine, and Phenylethylamine Alkaloids used in some of Hi Tech's other weight loss products.

What About DMAA?

DMAA or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine has been the source of much praise, hype, and controversy in the dietary supplements industry and is one of the premier energy/stimulant supplements available today. We're happy to say that DMAA will be included in Lipodrene Elite along with the Coca Extract and other weight loss ingredients. DMAA is famous for it's stimulatory and appetite suppression benefits and should provide an amazing combination when used with the Coca Leaf Extract.

Who Should Take Lipodrene Elite?

Lipodrene Elite is a great weight loss aid and can be used by any healthy individual. Weight loss benefits are most noticeable when combined with an effective diet and exercise plan. Users who are new to diet pills or sensitive to stimulants should start with half of the recommended dose. Lipodrene Elite is the perfect supplement for anyone who struggles with cravings, low energy levels, overeating, or has difficulty losing weight.

Does Lipodrene Elite Include Ephedra?

Lipodrene Elite does not include Ephedra Extract. Ephedra was one of the most popular diet and weight loss aids before being banned by the FDA. Certain stimulants still contain Ephedra Extract (such as original Lipodrene), but it's not the same extract as original Ephedra and it's benefits are drastically lower with the legal extracts.

How To Use Lipodrene Elite

Take 1-2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule after lunch. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a day. Due to it's EXTREME potency, new users should assess their tolerance by taking one capsule.

Lipodrene Elite Supplement Facts

lipodrene elite supplement facts

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  1. 2 Days In review by BusterAbobo on 8/20/2017

    So far, my 2 day experience with it was pretty much what you said. First day, took 1 and didn't really feel much. 2nd day, took 1 in the morning and felt good. Then took another before my workout and felt great.

    It doesn't suppress my appetite too much, but I really don't eat enough to begin with lol (need to work on this). I'm interested to see some results after a couple of weeks of taking this though.

  2. This suppresses you energy sosososos much you will lean out very quickly review by illuminatiKILLER11 on 8/20/2017

    This suppresses you energy sosososos much you will lean out very quickly

  3. Great energy and a little euphoria? review by Jack on 6/5/2017

    Lipodrene Elite gave me all of the energy that I'm used to with original lipodrene. There's still DMAA in this which I love. I thought the coca extract gave me a little eupohoria when I took it. Maybe it was just in my mind but I feel like you might get a trace of that "cocaine like" effect.

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