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FinaFlex Pure Test (120 Caps) (Expired 08-2023)

FinaFlex Pure Test (120 Caps) (Expired 08-2023)

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Finaflex Pure Test is a powerful “Alpha” supplement manufactured to give you a healthy boost of testosterone levels.

Boosting your testosterone levels is the holy grail as a man. Not only will boosting testosterone levels give you a great boost of lean muscle mass and strength – but it will help you increase your energy levels, boost fat loss efforts, and maximize sex drive!

Finaflex has a reputation of delivering powerful bodybuilding results and the Finaflex Pure Test line does not disappoint.

Pure Test contains scientifically backed D-Aspartic acid – which has been shown to elevate natural testosterone levels by up to 42 percent in just 12 days.

D-Aspartic acid is one of the only supplements in the world that has been tested in actual human studies – not plant, animal, or laboratory tests.

If you are looking for the maximum testosterone boosting effects, you should make sure to consume only ingredients that are scientifically proven – and that is exactly what you are getting with Finaflex Pure Test.

Finaflex Pure Test gives its users the following benefits:
  • Maximum test boosting results (scientifically proven)
  • increases in lean muscle mass and strength
  • dramatic increases in sex drive
  • Powerful energy boosting and fat burning effects

How to take Finaflex Pure Test (120 caps)

Consume 4 capsules per day for 30 straight days. This bottle has been measured out to be exactly a 30-day dosage. You should not consume Pure Test for more than 30 straight days. You should cycle on this supplement for 30 days, and cycle off for 45 days before continuing usage.

FinaFlex Pure Test (120 Caps) Supplement Facts

FinaFlex Pure Test (120 Caps) Supplement Facts

Customer Reviews

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Good cheap test booster

For a cheap test booster this isn't half bad. Expect some mild side effects but the dosage isn't anything too out of this world. It's a fairly easy way to make your muscles (and erections for that matter) a little harder.

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