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GenOne Labs Metaform One (60 Caps) (EXP 01/2021)

GenOne Labs Metaform One (60 Caps) (EXP 01/2021)

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Product Highlights

  • 250mg Super Berberine for Enhanced Carb Utilization & Uptake
  • 250mg Banaba Leaf + Capsorb & R-Alpha Lipoic Acid for Blood Sugar Management
  • High Potency, All-Natural Formula
One of the most critical areas to address for increasing lean muscle mass, losing
body fat, even optimizing pumps is the management of insulin sensitivity. Higher
bodyfat, constant spikes in insulin or overconsumption of carbohydrates can all
lower insulin sensitivity over time. The result? Higher bodyfat, less muscle growth,
less than optimal pumps and overall lack of energy and performance. The solution?
GenOne Labe Metaform One – The high potency, research backed formulation for
increasing insulin sensitivity, enhancing carb utilization and heling you build muscle,
lose fat and stay PUMPED. Get the carbs where they are meant to go (in to the
muscle) more efficiently and less where you don’t want it to (into fat storage). Stack
the deck in your favor with Metaform One!

Key Benefits

  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • Enhanced Carbohydrate Utilization & Uptake
  • All-Natural Formula

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