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Glaxon Slyce Fat Burner 60Caps

Glaxon Slyce Fat Burner 60Caps

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Product Highlights

  • Evodiamine + Paradoxine + Yohimbe for Enhanced Calorie Burning
  • Green Tea + White Willow Bark for Enhanced Lipolysis
  • Advanced, Multiple Pathway Thermogenic Powerhouse

If you're looking to reveal the lean beneath with a research supported thermogenic formula, Glaxon Slyce is the product you've been looking for. Featuring ingredients that burn fat both in a stimulatory and non-stimulatory fashion, Slyce will help you achieve the lean physique you've been chasing. This approach provides fat burning you can 'FEEL' without being just a load of stimulants to trick you into thinking it's working. Say no to overhyped stim-bomb thermos and say yes to research proven fat loss with Glaxon Slyce.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Calorie Expenditure
  • Dual Pathway: Stimulatory & Non-Stimulatory Fat Loss
  • Supports Lean Muscle Retention
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