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Glaxon Super Greens (Fruits, Greens & Fungi)

Glaxon Super Greens (Fruits, Greens & Fungi)

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Product Highlights

  • 5g of  Acacia Fiber for Regularity & Promoting Optimal Gut Flora Balance
  • 2g Greens + 1g Super Shrooms + 500mg Beta Berries for complete Alkalizing & Adaptogenic Support
  • Premium Adaptogenic Inclusions for Natural Stress Factor Support

Your Mom would be so proud! Glaxon Super Greens is a convenient and premium way of getting in your daily greens as part of healthy diet. However, it goes so far beyond just choking down your serving of broccoli. Super Greens is carefully formulated to address alkalinity, support the body via adaptogenic factors, promote high antioxidant levels and provide a complete daily health matrix. It also addresses digestion with a hefty dose of 5g acacia fiber, a digestion friendly, non-bloating fiber for promoting regularity and helping optimize healthy guy flora levels. Expect more of your greens with Glaxon Super Greens.

Key Benefits

  • High Potency Greens & Fruits For Antioxidant & General Health Support
  • Promote Digestion health & Regularity
  • High Potency Adaptogens for Stress & Vitality Support

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Jepson (Ashburn, US)

Wish I could have tried but always out of stock

Eduardo (Perth Amboy, US)
Best tasting

Best tasting greens ever, I got a sample of this and was so impressed I had to buy the lemon ice tea ones

Jon (Palatine, US)
Orchard Apple is super good!

Orchard Apple tastes really good. Better than most greens I've had.

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