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Inspired Nutraceuticals

Inpired Nutraceuticals Greens

Inpired Nutraceuticals Greens

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Product Highlights

  • 5 Billion CFU Probiotics for Optimizing Gut Health
  • 500mg Trace Minerals for Promoting Complete Nutrition
  • Stacked with Adaptogens, Superfoods and shelf stable Probiotics
One of the most common areas that even the most elite of athletes ‘miss the boat’
on is gut health and overall vitality. You can train all you want, eat a perfect diet and sleep as much as you can, but if you aren’t addressing overall health of your gut, you’ll never perform optimally. Some opt to pick a greens product that was just slapped together in an attempt to address this. Inspired Nutraceuticals has changed the idea of what greens can be with a premium product delivering TruGreens superfood, Aquamin sea minerals, adaptogenic support for vitality, nootropics for cognitive support and even liver optimization support. From top to bottom, Inspired Nutra Greens is the ultimate greens formula solution.

Key Benefits

  • Support daily vitality, digestion and vitality
  • 100% Transparent Label for full disclosure
  • Naturally Sweetened; No cheap additives, fillers or WADA banned substances
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