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Kaged Muscle

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged (20 Servings)

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged (20 Servings)

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  • Get a Pump
  • BCAA infused for Recovery
  • Extra Leucine for increased protein synthesis
  • Fight Fatigue
  • Increase strength and power!
  • Hydrating

NEW to, Kaged Muscle and Pre-Kaged! This all in one pre-workout is the most extreme and effective pre-workout on the market today! With higher dosages than most pre-workouts, this product is unmatched by competitors. Simply put, this is the best all around pre-workout available. With multiple ingredients covering various areas of bodybuilding, this product cannot be beat. Taking this product with result in drastic results in the form of extreme increases in energy, increased power and endurance, as well as decreased recovery time and muscle pumps.

Included in this product is roughly 4g of energy increasing ingredients including: 2g of taurine, 1g of N-Acetyl-L-Tryosine, 850mg of L-Tyrosine, and 274mg of caffeine. The combination of these ingredients alone provide the grounds for a very high dosage, potent, and effective pre workout, but that’s not where pre-kaged stops.

What else in does pre-kaged have to offer?

Pro-Pump Matrix

With 6.5g of L-citrulline, this product is going to add some muscle pump to your workout, along with extreme energy. Why is the pump important? By itself, the pump allows for greater blood flow to your muscles, which means proteins and other essential nutrients are going to get there faster to allow for increased recovery time. Not only does the increased recovery rates and increased protein synthesis help greatly with adding mass, the added blood flow to your muscles also makes for a greater and more full look.

Muscle Fuel Matrix

The muscle fuel matrix features the traditional 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). This matrix of BCAAs is yet another great addition to the energy provided by pre-workouts: BCAAs are geared toward kick-starting the protein synthesis process through the amino acid leucine. After this isoleucine and valine work together in order to to reduce muscle fatigue by reducing the body's serotonin levels. Along with this matrix, is an added 3g of leucine found in the anabolic activator blend, this added leucine raises the protein synthesis rates even higher than before.

Endura-Burn Matrix

This matrix is geared toward boosting overall athletic performance with ingredients that include carnosyn (beta alanine) and capsimax (capsicum extract). Beta alanine works through the body by increasing carnosine levels. Carnosine is the first line of defense to fighting of hydrogen ions in the body. Hydrogen ions are the leading factor in rising pH levels which are linked to muscle fatigue. In short, when supplementing with beta-alanine, you are able to fight off muscle fatigue for a longer period of time.

Strength and Power Matrix

Not satisfied with only the increased energy of a normal pre-workout? Need something more than just energy? Then Pre-Kaged is right for you. By now you see all the additional benefits this pre-workout has to offer, and yet again there is another: strength and power increases fueled by betaine and creatine. Betaine and creatine are two products that are very similar, that are geared toward increasing energy and power, as well as promoting fat loss in the case of betaine as well. Creatine provides the body with short bursts of high energy, and in terms of bodybuilding, this is perfect: short bursts are all that’s needed when lifting heavier weights, and heavier weights means more muscle mass in the long run.

Pre-Kaged Supplement Facts

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