FOCUS - What is it and how can you get more of it?

FOCUS - What is it and how can you get more of it?

The word "focus" is thrown around a lot these days in various ways. When it comes to supplements, "focus" is usually written as the benefit of certain products.

But what does it actually mean to focus?

For many, it's the process of blocking out distractions and limiting their field of attention to one thing at a time.

Whether that's blasting through a set at the gym, or dialing in to move the needle forward on a project. For some people, it might be studying for school, or staying up to take care of a child.

Either way, focus is a skill that has to be developed using discipline. 

In our modern world, there are millions of distractions bombarding our senses at every moment. This, combined with the fact that our minds are notorious for taking over with streams of incessant chatter and commentary - usually about things other than what we need to get done. 

The solution, then, is to stop trying to multi-task.

When you are able to focus on JUST the task that you are executing in the MOMENT - then even boring, mundane tasks take on a new life and can be enjoyable.

Not only that, but you will constantly be doing your best work and showing up as your best self in every possible moment. 

Stacking enough of these moments together leads to a successful and fulfilling experience in life: You're always doing your best, no matter what it is. Tune out distractions, and dial your attention in to the task at hand, no matter how mundane it might seem. 

That being said, many people are familiar with supplements called "nootropics". Nootropics are supplements for your mind. They work through various pathways to enhance cognition, memory, mood, and of course - focus. Nootropics often include "adaptogens" which are typically plant or fungi based, and help down or upregulate certain neurotransmitters according to the body's current state.

While many nootropic products have stimulants in them, some actually calm you down - and if taken over an extended period of time, can dramatically reduce stress hormones. High levels of stress hormones in the body on a consistent basis are responsible for every type of disease.

The internal "environment" of stress is just as dangerous to our primitive brain as an attack from a wild animal. High stress levels put us into a "fight or flight" response, and it becomes background noise to us.

The less stressed you are, and the more you can take advantage of focus, the more momentum you will build in all areas.

So, what products help with this?

1. Chemix Natabolic (240 Caps)
 Chemix Natabolic (240 Caps) One of the biggest detriments to optimal hormone levels, muscle gains, and stable mood are stress hormones like cortisol. Chemix Natabolic is an all natural pro-anabolic compound that helps optimize your hormones and stress to optimal levels for making progress in the gym.


2. Phase1 Brain Blitz
  If you're looking for something to help you FOCUS in the gym, look no further than nootropic pre-workout powerhouse BRAIN BLITZ by Phase1 Nutrition. Containing clinical doses of the most potent pre-workout ingredients, Brain Blitz is one of the most complete nootropic pre workouts on the market.


3. MyoBlox Skywalk
 MyoBlox Skywalk MyoBlox has always been in a league of it's own, and MyoBlox Skywalk Nootropic is no exception. One of the premier nootropics on the market, Skywalk is the go-to if you need to get stuff done. Perfect for work, studying, or cardio. 


4. Glaxon Adrinall (63 Caps)
  Glaxon exploded onto the scene in the past few years, with some of the most complete and effective products ever seen. Combined with their unique branding, flavors, and marketing, Glaxon's flagship nootropic Adrinall is no exception. Containing a full dose of Lion's Mane along with a plethora ingredients that cover every possible brain pathway. Hats off to these guys for making such a complete nootropic product.


5. Black Magic Supply Brain Wavez (30 Day Cycle) Buy One, Get One 50% Off
  Black Magic Supply Brain Wavez is another product that takes advantage of the power of the adaptogen Ashwagandha and Lion's Mane Mushroom. Containing a full 600mg of Ashwagandha and 500mg of Lion's Mane, Brain Wavez is designed to improve focus, cognition, and decrease stress over 30 days.


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