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Phase One Nutrition

Phase One Nutrition Brain Blitz (OLD FORMULA) (EXP 04-2023)

Phase One Nutrition Brain Blitz (OLD FORMULA) (EXP 04-2023)

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Product Highlights (Old Formula)

  • 4g of Citrulline + 2g of GlycerSize for Maximum Pumps
  • 3g of Beta Alanine for Enhanced Endurance
  • 600mg AlphaSize + Infinergy, Eria Jarensis + Noopept for Intense Focus
If you’re looking to absolutely crush your workouts, the key is making sure that you
are optimally prepared both physically and mentally. Phase One Brain Blitz is
created just for that, addressing strong energy and focus enhancement along with
proven performance ingredients. Featuring 4g of Citrulline Malate and 2g of
GlycerSize for maximum pumps and muscle fullness every workout. It is powered by
a potent and hard hitting energy and focus matrix including Infinergy Caffeine, Eria
Jarensis, DMHA and the potent nootropic Noopept. Rounding it all out, you’ll have
enhanced absorption from the inclusion of AstraGin, a natural compound that
enhances ingredient and nutrient uptake and absorption. From top to bottom, Phase
One Brain Blitz is the next phase in pre-workout supplementation.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize Blood Flow & Pumps
  • Enhanced Focus & Energy In the Gym
  • Potent Nootropic Effects

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fabrice (Secaucus, US)
YouTube vids lead me to this product

I just got mine yesterday. It works!! I’m loving the recovery. Plus I don’t even have to workout after I take it right away. If I want to I can just workout hours later and still get the same effect even if the focus will have worn off by then. I think I might keep buying. 🔥👌

Frantzy Francois (Trenton, US)
Great product

This product is a mind blowing pre-workout that enhances your ability to focus.

Dani Lynn (Lancaster, US)
Get Blitzed!!!!

I have been using Phase1Nutrition for months and absolutely love their products and the company!! All of their powders dissolve in seconds and go down great. Perfect for the wild ones who dry scoop everything like I do!! Brain Blitz is an every day product for me!! The focus and energy is incredible. BOTH flavors are on point! Pair it with PumpPhase and PrePhase and be prepared to hear color and see sound 🤩 I’m so glad Suppz added P1H! #foreverblitzed

Customer (Lancaster, US)
Game Changer!

This preworkout is an absolute game changer for me! Dissolves super fast, starts working almost immediately and the mind candy flavor tastes amazing! I am honestly impressed with the product as a whole. From the full disclosure labeling to the flavor, everything is on point! I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a killer preworkout that gives you laser focus and an optimal amount of stim. Cheers to a fantastic product!

Zachary P (Bloomington, US)

I was surprised by this. The powder is very caked due to the glycerol dose. But it’s not hard and easily measured. Focus is on point. No jitters. This is a solid pre.

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