Energy Madness - Choose Your Buzz

Energy Madness - Choose Your Buzz

Look Familiar?

You wake up in the morning, and convince yourself to get out of bed. The tasks of the day stretch out before you. You don’t want to work out today. You don’t want to work today. You don’t want to do anything at all, actually. Then, you make it to the kitchen, put on some coffee or toss back a scoop of pre-workout, and things are starting to look up. Or, the classic after lunch pick me up. We all know the feeling.

In the past decade, customers have watched the ‘energy’ market absolutely explode. Back in the early 2000s, there was only a handful of options. There were brands like MRI Performance pioneering the pre-workout market, Redbull was the shiny new ‘energy drink’, and online retailers were starting to sell supplements online. This began a literal and figurative “arms race” for the energy market. Sorry, bad pun.

Remember the Original BSN NO-Xplode? Carbonated Laxative at it’s finest.

Anyways, new categories of energy products like fat burners, nootropics, and the novel stimulants we have all known and loved over the years (if you were so fortunate). The market absolutely exploded, and we have seen unprecedented innovation and competition ever since. Brands like VPX Bang Energy “came out of nowhere” to the mass market and absolutely dominated. (I use quotes because VPX had a very long road of innovative products and success before Bang was even an idea! Shout out to Redline and NO Shotgun.)



Chart of the US Energy Drink Market 2014-2025

However, with innovation comes the testing of limits. Eventually, everything that worked or was fun was banned. So, over the past few years we have seen many popular energy products restricted or forced to change formulas for legal reasons. What we are left with is a market that still loves high-stimulant, euphoric energy products (like the rest of the world), and leads a lifestyle that demands mental, physical, and emotional energy on a daily basis. 


In the past 20 years in the supplement industry, we have watched many products, brands, and trends come and go. Thanks to brands that have had the fortitude and ability to push forward, like Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, we still have a wide selection of effective energy products to suit your daily needs.

  1. Black Magic BZRK Pre-Workout

Known for their unique branding and ingredient profiles, Black Magic BZRK is a clinically dosed, well-rounded stim-based pre-workout with tons of fun flavors. Personally I have found this product to work well every time I take it, always giving me a highly focused workout with an elevated mind-muscle connection and endurance. If you want to try BZRK you can get it buy one get one 50% off for a limited time. We highly recommend the new Black Magic BZRK Voodoo Series which is available in either Blue or Red Punch. I do like to use BZRK with a bit more water than is recommended on the package, but that’s just personal preference.

  1. Glaxon Super Greens

This innovative greens product by Glaxon makes the list for another reason. Many people don’t maximize the energy their body is capable of producing due to micronutrient deficiencies. Better than multivitamins which don’t get properly absorbed by the body, consistently taking a solid greens product will leave you with much higher energy levels throughout the day. This product is on here because if your micronutrient levels are low, simply optimizing them will provide you with a lasting energy that can be built upon. 

  1. MyoBlox SkyWalk

MyoBlox continues to push the envelope when it comes to extremely unique, effective formulas. Not only are the formulas unique, but their standards for ingredient quality and purity are among the top that I’ve seen. SkyWalk is no exception, a well-formulated workhorse of a nootropic, it’s the perfect product to boost brainpower on demand. There are many nootropic products out there that take advantage of buzz words, brand named ingredients, and fancy packaging at the expense of unique and effective formulas. SkyWalk is recommended because it checks all of the boxes, while also having killer branding and packaging. With constant small batch production, you can be sure that you’re receiving a fresh and potent product with every order.

  1. Hi-Tech Hydroxyelite

Finally, we’re getting back to the fun-stuff. As I said earlier, Hi-Tech saved the supplement industry from losing it’s beloved favorite stimulant. Hydroxyelite is formulated with a formula nearly identical to the original OxyElite Pro, one of the most popular fat burners of all time. The reason that this product is so effective, is that it’s dosed and designed to be taken multiple times daily. Many fat burners have very high stimulant content which makes it hard to work effectively without overloading the adrenals and causing side effects like anxiety. Hydroxyelite provides effective energy, focus, appetite suppression, and thermogenesis and is one of our most popular products of all time.

  1. Nutracharge Charged Amino

Finally, we come to Nutracharge Charged Amino. Charged Amino was designed to be fitness enthusiasts coffee and energy drink replacement. It uses a natural source of caffeine and essential amino acids to fuel your mind and body throughout the day. It comes in a bunch of flavors including my favorite Strawberry Lemonade. There is a relatively low amount of caffeine in Charged Amino compared to other products on this list, however you can easily scale it up to multiple scoops before a workout, or simply mix a few scoops in your water for the day.

Considerations on “Energy” 

Remember, at the end of the day, “energy products” are responsible for a small percentage of your energy output. They are a “supplement”, meant to give you an extra boost or edge when everything else is ALREADY OPTIMIZED. If you are having trouble accomplishing a certain goal, whether it be learning, performing, focusing, becoming motivated, or simply overcoming lethargy - supplements should be the last thing you look at. Other extremely foundational factors like: sleep quality, nutrition, exercise, mental health, and bad relationships or habits must be optimized FIRST to get the most benefit from any supplement!

Also, if you’ve made it this far in the article - congratulations!

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If you have any questions about energy, metabolism, caffeine, or anything else, feel free to reach out to so we can learn together!

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