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5% Nutrition Liver & Organ Defender (270 caps)

5% Nutrition Liver & Organ Defender (270 caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Supports Liver Detoxification
  • Aids in Cardiovascular Support
  • Supports Healthy Prostate, Kidney and Skin

When it comes to your liver and other vital organs you need a supplement that you can really depend on. That is Rich Piana Liver & Organ Defender was created…to support the vital organs that we often neglect on our quest for a badass physique. A true 5%er is healthy inside and out, so this product supports the major organs that bodybuilders are most concerned about; liver, heart, kidneys, prostate, and your skin. Liver and Organ Defender is truly an elite level on-cycle, post cycle, and everyday support supplement that will help keep you on your game.

Milk Thistle

  • Medicinal thistle that has been used in traditional medicines
  • Natural treatment for detoxification of the liver and liver disorders
  • May help with alcohol-related liver disease


  • One of the most powerful liver support ingredients available on the market
  • Used to quickly restore protective levels of glutathione levels
  • NAC makes liver cells more able to protect themselves from ongoing damage


  • Small amino acid containing molecule comprised of l-glutamic acid, l-cysteine and glycine
  • Acts as a central anti-oxidant
  • Actions rely on ‘glutathione system’ of the body
  • Shown to help protect cells, tissue, and organs from free radicals and diseases
  • Strong immune system strengthener than helps detoxify and protect the liver

Hawthorne Berry

  • Tradtionally used to improve hearth health
  • May help control lipid levels
  • May be able to block absorption of lipids in intestines

Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Mithochondrial fatty acid involved in energy metabolism
  • Synthesized in the body naturally; beneficial against inflammation and oxidation
  • Shown to be protective against heart disease, diabetes and neurological disease
  • Potent anti-oxidant compound properties
  • Has glucose partitioning effects via Glut-4 activation

Garlic Extract

  • Associated with lowering blood pressure in patients with untreated hypertension
  • Possible anti-hypertensive effect similar to the same effect of anti-hypertensive drugs
  • Shown to lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, and lower LDL cholesterol

Di-Magnesium Malate

  • Studies show that magnesium supplementation lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Associated with lowering the risk of diabetes

Coenzyme Q10

  • Found naturally in the body and helps to convert food into energy
  • Found in almost every cell in the body
  • Powerful antioxidant that has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure
  • Potential to lower systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure without significant side effects

Saw Palmetto Powder

  • Shown to produce positive benefits similar to Finasteride; alleviate enlarged prostate
  • Studies suggest that it can also be used for baldness, and urinary problems

Cordyceps Sinesis

  • Helps promote protein synthesis and ease symptoms of kidney failure
  • Can also be used to improve blood flow to the kidneys and improve overall renal (kidney) function
  • Often used by patients on dialysis to relieve the side effects of dialysis

Zinc Chelate

  • Reduces the amount of DHT your body produces
  • May prevent major causes of breakouts on your skin


  • Rare, but essential mineral; has many health benefits
  • Most known for its acne treatment benefits
  • Can improve the elasticity of skin, reduce acne scars, and prevent development of inflammatory acnes lesions (pimples) from toxins

Manufacturer’s Directions:

Take 3 capsules morning, mid-day, and evening time with a meal. DO NOT exceed 9 capsules in a 24 hour period.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bree Homerick (Minneapolis, US)
Works well

Got the factors you need.

Bree Homerick (Minneapolis, US)
Works well

Got the factors you need.

Rene Martinez (Pflugerville, US)

Great produce and ingredients only con is that it makes your piss smell like asparagus and burps taste a bit gross.

Thomas Laird (Trenton, US)
5% liver and organ

Great product with unmatched ingredients and a great price

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