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Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

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Product Highlights

  • 8g Citrulline Malate + 150mg S7 for Maximum Nitric Oxide Production
  • 3.5g Beta Alanine for Elevated Training Capacity
  • 3g HydroPrime for Maximum Muscle Volume & Hydration
Some pump products are thrown together just for the sake of making a pump
product...others are designed to change the definition of the category. Alpha Lion
Pump is in the latter....a comprehensive and complete pump focused pre-workout
that utilizes a powerful, stimulant-free formula to maximize your gains. Featuring
Citrulline and S7 for enhancing nitric oxide production to improve blood flow and
nutrient delivery, HydroPrime glycerol for enhancing muscle fullness and optimizing
hydration, beta alanine for enhanced training capacity and locking in focus with
lion’s mane and AlphaSize GPC, Alpha Lion Pump is the complete, pump focused
pre-training powerhouse.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum Muscle Pumps
  • Enhanced Training Capacity
  • Stim-Free Focus Enhancement
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