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Alpha Lion Lions Blood 60 Caps

Alpha Lion Lions Blood 60 Caps

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Product Highlights

  • Powered by a potent 75mg Laxogenin & 75mg epicatechin per serving
  • Enhanced bioavailability from 5mg of black pepper extract
  • Full 30 day supply
We all want faster gains, rapid increases in strength and to be able to shed bodyfat to reveal the hard earned muscle that we’ve accrued. It is a hard, and long process
to achieve a physique that is dense and lean, but Alpha Lion’s Lion’s Blood is
formulated to help make that a reality sooner than later. Featuring the potent
natural compounds laxogenin and epicatechin, Lion’s Blood helps support an
anabolic environment that facilitates increased muscle, decreased body fat and
overall amplified performance. For those looking for a elite, natural option to help
reach your goals, look no further than Lion’s Blood.

Key Benefits

  • Supports rapid gains in lean muscle
  • Promotes increased strength and power
  • Accelerates recovery and performance markers

Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Castor (Santa Paula, US)
Awesome pumps!

I waited a month before writing a review because I wanted to make sure of this product...but when running it I experienced some fantastic pumps and maintained my strength even while cutting calories and working lots of overtime at work and only averaging about 4 workouts a I must say it did make a difference...muscle density and hardness was maintained nicely!

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