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Merica Labz Red, White n Boom Napalm

Merica Labz Red, White n Boom Napalm

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Product Highlights:

  • 6g Citrulline for Maximum Pumps & Blood Flow
  • 3.2g Beta Alanine + 2.5g Betaine for Enhanced Performance & Power
  • 500mg MitoBurn + 25mg ProGBB for Maximum Fat Loss & Thermogenesis
It’s time to light the fat jungle on fire and burn it to the ground with ‘Merica
Labs Red White & Boom Napalm. Featuring proven fat loss ingredients like
MitoBurn and ProGBB and paired with citrulline for maximum pumps, beta
alanine + betaine for performance and power and rounded out with intense
energy from caffeine and Eria Jarensis – you won’t just win the battle, you’ll
dominate the war. It’s time to go full tango-foxtrot on that fat!

Key Benefits:

  • Maximum Fat Burning & Thermogenesis
  • Amplified Energy & Focus
  • Increased Pumps & Blood Flow

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