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Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim Free)

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim Free)

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Product Highlights

  • 500mg MitoBurn + 40mg CaloriBurn GP for Enhanced Calorie Burning Support
  • 250mg Sensoril for Stress Mitigation & Vitality
  • 5mg ProGBB + 1mg Alfabin for Enhanced Thermogenesis
A 2-in-1 fat burning pre-workout designed to amplify your caloric expenditure while
increasing training intensity, Superhuman Burn Stim-Free Features research backed
ingredients to help you burn more calories while supporting those pumps and
strength you desire. Like its energy packed sibling, Superhuman Burn Stim-Free
delivers everything you love about the original Superhuman Burn without the
stimulants, making for an infinitely versatile product. Featuring MitoBurn and
CaloriBurn GP for aiding in enhanced caloric expenditure, Sensoril for cortisol
mitigation and non-stim nootropic support, it's time to reveal the lean beneath!
Truly the best of both worlds.

Key Benefits

  • Amplifies Calorie Burning
  • Supports Vitality & Stress Mitigation
  • Stim-Free, Versatile Formula
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