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Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Superhuman Muscle 60Caps

Alpha Lion Superhuman Muscle 60Caps

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Product Highlights

  • 325mg RipFactor Per Capsule for Research Backed Results
  • 300mg Vaso6 for Enhanced Nitric Oxide & Nutrient Delivery
  • 100mg Laxosterone + 100mg Epicatechin for Non-Hormonal Anabolism
It’s time to amplify your lean muscle gains with Alpha Lion Superhuman Muscle!
Featuring the research backed Rip Factor and Laxosterone, you’ll have the non-
hormonal powerhouse of amplifying lean muscle growth and strength gains at your
fingertips. Epicatechin is also featured in Superhuman Muscle as it unlocks new
muscle gains by reducing myostatin and Vaso6 drives pumps and nutrient delivery
to new heights by amplifying nitric oxide. More muscle, better pumps and increased simply can’t miss with Alpha Lion Superhuman Muscle!

Key Benefits

  • Amplify Lean Muscle Growth
  • Enhanced Nitric Oxide Production
  • Elevated Strength & Endurance
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