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Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn 2.0

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn 2.0

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Product Highlights

  • 2g Carnitine for Enhanced Fatty Acid Mobilization & Utilization
  • 500mg MitoBurn for Enhanced Calorie Burning Efficiency
  • 25mg GBB + 10mg CaloriBurn GP for Enhance Thermogenesis
If you’re looking to get lean, take a smarter approach with Alpha Lion Superhuman
Scorch. Old school thermogenics just focus on stimming you out with caffeine and
similar ingredients for a ‘feel good’ effect, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting
leaner any quicker. Alpha Lion Superhuman Scorch is designed to take the go to
carnitine you know and love and load it up with the newest tech to take your fat loss
to the next level without the use of stimulants. Featuring 2g of carnitine for fatty
acid mobilization, it also goes deeper than ever with 500mg MitoBurn which has
been shown to amplify the effects of exercise, and GBB+CaloriBurn GP for
enhanced thermogenesis and fat burning. Reach your goals faster with Alpha Lion
Superhuman Scorch and leave the fat and outdated technology behind.

Key Benefits

  • Convert WAT into BAT for Enhanced Calorie Expenditure
  • Increase Rate of Lipolysis
  • Support Energy & Focus

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