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Alpha Prime Prime Bites Protein Brownie

Alpha Prime Prime Bites Protein Brownie

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Product Highlights

  • 17g of High Quality Whey Protein per Brownie
  • 200 calories/brownie for Versatility in Use
  • Features 5g of collagen/brownie
We all like to indulge once in awhile and sticking to a solid diet can get derailed
when a little treat turns into a full blown binge. Baked goods, desserts and other
tasty items that normally aren’t a part of a daily diet for those with fitness oriented
goals and the temptation to indulge...well, frankly cravings suck. That’s why Alpha
Prime Prime Bites Brownies were created – to provide a delicious, high quality treat
to satisfy those cravings that we all get now and then and still stay on track.
Featuring around 200 calories with 16-17g of protein from whey, and 20-25g of
carbs per brownie, Prime Bites not only keep the calories in check but provide a
great source of protein to fuel lean muscle growth and maintenance. It’s Ok to live a
little – Alpha Prime Prime Bites just makes it a bit easier to stay on track and indulge
a little more often!

Key Benefits

  • Free of Unnecessary Added Sugars
  • High In Protein for Supporting Lean Muscle
  • Gourmet, Craving Satisfying Flavor & Texture

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