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American Metabolix Havok Hardcore

American Metabolix Havok Hardcore

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Wreak Havok in the gym!

American Metabolix has been working on formulating a pre workout that offers intense, sustained, energy without the jitters. Increasing mental focus, elevating performance and endurance to new levels to produce more lean muscle mass from training output. This is what led to the creation of Havok Hardcore, the most intense pre workout yet from American Metabolix.

Backed by full clinic dosing of each ingredient, Havok Hardcore is NOT for beginners. This is for advanced trainers!

Havok Hardcores Pump blend consists of L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, Agmatine Sulfate, and Taurine. This is the most complete pump and blood flow inducing grouping of ingredients you will find on the market. The Hardcore Energy and Focus formula is highlighted by caffeine, Dicaffeine Malate, DMHA, Hordenice HCI, and Alpha Yohimbine to provide laser focus, a rush of hardcore and sustained energy. Crash and jitter free, you can bet Havok Hardcore will quickly jump to the top of your favorite pre workout list.

Product Highlights

  • Intense and sustained energy
  • Elevated mental focus
  • Full clinic dosing and fully disclosed ingredients
  • Fantastic flavoring

Ingredient Breakdown

  • L-Citrulline – One of the most popular nitric oxide boosters and effective due to higher bioavailability. Not only produces nitric oxide but allows for greater N.O. production and vasodilation. Causing muscular pumps and endurance.
  • Beta Alanine – Proven to increase muscle carnosine which in turn supports higher intensity output. Will lead to longer lasting workouts.
  • Betaine Anhydrous – Increases strength and lean muscle mass with signs of also boosting creatine production.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – Boosts nitric oxide levels and works as an arginase inhibitor. This will give more blood flow and bigger muscle pumps.
  • Hordenine HCI – Boosts performance and cognitive function by increasing energy and enhancing cardiovascular function.
  • N-Acetyl-L Tyrosine – promotes stress relief and produces dopamine. Will allow you to perform better with that “feel good” feeling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Casey Macek (Burbank, US)
Terrible feeling, extreme nausea and sweating

This is awful. I drank a half scoop, felt decent, an hour later drank other half and felt fucking terrible. Nausea, sweating, zero euphoria, shakes, dizzy, not even close to being safe for gym use lol. Stick to 1,3 DMAA and DMHA products. The 1,4 DMAA in this is NOT GOOD. Probably not safe either.

Damian Zurek (Brooklyn, US)

Honestly one of the best I have ever tried. Gives You strength (approximately 20% more), focus and a really good mood that lasts long. Unfortunately I have a little crush after a few hours but I guess there's none onthe market that does not have it so far.. :/

BRIAN CARD (Southgate, US)

"Try It Out!" - Tom Segura

Jeramy (Canal Winchester, US)
Overall a solid Preworkout

Havok Hardcore has been a preworkout I have wanted to try for awhile, and finally took a chance. Flavor was really good, and the powder mixed easily. Good increase in energy, and was sustained throughout my entire workout. Not a very hardcore pump achieved on this alone, but stacked very well with other products. Overall a very solid dose preworkout.

Sexy Mama Francesca Montes (Salinas, US)
The Best Pre Workout Ever!

I have gone threw so many precworkout powders,pills,Drinks you name it, and they have all either made me sick,jittery or tasted Awful!! The Havok Hardcore was none of that and Tasted Amazing, I would have taken it even if it wasn’t so tasty, because of the great results I got from it, but I got lucky and purchased something that not only works but also tasted great, the Tigers blood is the only one I gaven tasted so that’s what I’m reviewing it on. So if you haven’t found a pre workout that works great and tastes great, then you have to buy this one... HAVOK HARDCORE PRE WORKOUY Tigers Blood Flavor

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