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Apollon Nutrition

Apollon Nutrition Resistance Immune System Support (210V Caps)

Apollon Nutrition Resistance Immune System Support (210V Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 1g Elderberry + 1g Quercetin for Natural Immune System Support
  • 500mg BGF-Immune for Research Backed Immune Support
  • 500mg Echinacea + 500mg EpiCor Immunogens for Natural Immune Defense Amplification
If there is one thing worse than a rest day, it’s a forced rest day because we are
sick. The immune system is resilient, strong and self sustaining, but even then, from
training, stress and every day life, it can only take so much. Resistance from
Apollon Nutrition was designed to help keep you in the gym, fully loaded for
maximum strength immune support and designed to help your body aggressively
fight against illness and also optimize gut and respiratory health. Zero fillers, 100%
transparency in label...the Resistance has arrived to take your immune system care
to the next level.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize Immune System Health
  • Aid In Common Cold & Flue Resistance
  • Supports Optimal Gut & Respiratory Health

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