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Axe N Sledge Demo Day

Axe N Sledge Demo Day

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Product Highlights

  • 11g Low Osmolality Cyclic Dextrin + 2g Palatinose Per Serving for Optimal DIgestion
  • 15g Carb10 for Legume Based Performance Carbohydrates
  • Cinnamon Bark + Alpha Lipoic Acid for Enhanced Carbohydrate Uptake
One of the most underrated areas of performance is the proper use of intra-workout
carbohydrates. Demo Day from Axe & Sledge is designed using 3 designer
carbohydrates: Cyclic Dextrin, Carb10 and Palatinose which all have research
backed data for efficacy. You see, the problem with a lot of carbohydrate products,
especially the ‘old school’ ones like maltodextrin, is that they have high osmolality...
meaning the stomach senses that they need to be broken down further, and
therefore form a ‘bolus’ in the stomach before moving on for digestion. This is what
can cause that ‘bloated’ feeling that a lot of other carbohydrate sources have issues
with as well as causing a massive blood sugar spike. Demo Day is a next generation
carbohydrate that avoids both of those issues, leaving you with a the perfect
carbohydrate for use before, during and even after your workout for maximum
glycogen replenishment.

Key Benefits

  • Bloat-Free Formula
  • High Performance Glycogen Replenishment
  • Improved Carbohydrate Utilization

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