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Axe N Sledge Supplements

Axe N Sledge Hydraulic

Axe N Sledge Hydraulic

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Product Highlights

  • 5g Citrulline+3g Glycerol+1g Agmatine+1g Nitrosigine for Maximum Vasodilation & Volume
  • 2g Taurine+250mg N-Acetyl Tyrosine for Stim-Free Cognitive Enhancement
  • 2.4g Beta Alanine+1.5 Creatine MagnaPower for Enhanced Training Capacity & Power
When it’s time to lay the hammer down, lock it in and get it done, Axe & Sledge
Hydraulic is the pre-workout designed to take care of business. Formulated to be a
high potency, maximum pump and power catalyst, Hydraulic is a powerful,
stimulant-free pre-workout that will leave you with skin splitting pumps and
vascularity, session after session. Seth Feroce is intense as they come with his
training and he also knows that you don’t always want stims before your training
sessions, so he opted to make Hydraulic stimulant-free, meaning it is versatile to
use any time of the day without the risk of being kept up late at night or for those
that are just looking to avoid stimulants. Powered by a potent combination of
Citrulline, Agmatine, GlycerPump, Nitrosigine and Agmatine for pumps and
CarnoSyn beta alanine and MagnaPower for endurance/power output. Top to
bottom, Hydraulic is a high power, stim-free pre that will help you achieve skin
splitting pumps without all the stims!

Key Benefits

  • Support Lean Muscle Growth
  • Rapidly Supply Amino Acids
  • Ultra Lean: No Fat or Added Sugars
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