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Black Magic Supply Dry Spell (80 Caps)

Black Magic Supply Dry Spell (80 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Tyrosine+DMAE+Alpha GPC for Enhanced Focus, Energy & Nootropic Enhancement
  • PEA+Pine Bark for Enhanced Cognition & CNS Stimulation
  • NeuroFactor for Effective, Natural Energy & Focus
We all could use a little energy now and then...and most will reach for coffee or an
energy drink. Sure, these contain caffeine and will give you a little buzz, but what
other benefit are you getting from it? Black Magic Supply Day Spell was designed to
not only enhance energy and cognition but improve overall cognition and
performance more effectively than caffeine alone. Featuring research proven
ingredients such as Tyrosine, DMAE and Alpha GPC for enhanced neurotransmission,
PEA, Theophylline and Pine Bark for CNS stimulation and rounded out with
NeuroFactor for effective, natural energy and cogntion enhancement, you’ll be
under the Day Spell trance. Perfect for work, gaming, studying and any time you
want a mental edge, Day Spell is the answer.

Key Benefits

  • High Potency Nootropic
  • Enhanced Energy & Focus
  • Improved Mood State

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