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Black Magic Supply

Black Magic Supply Dura Gains (60 Caps)

Black Magic Supply Dura Gains (60 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • High Potency Natural Anabolic Formula Fueled by Laxogenin
  • All-Natural; No harsh Compounds or Liver Toxicity
  • Lean, Water Free Lean Muscle Mass & Strength Gains
When Black Magic Supply set out to create a powerful, high potency, natural
anabolic they ended up exceeding their expectations with Dura Gains. Not only
does Dura Gains provide a powerful and safe alternative to traditional anabolic
compounds that are liver toxic among other side effects, it delivers on enhanced
strength, power output, lean mass accrual and elevated training endurance. Gone
are the days of subpar performance or over-promising and under-delivering ‘natural
anabolics’. Dura Gains is the real deal and you will be blown away at just how well it
works. You’ll be questioning ‘How is this natural?’ in the best way possible!

Key Benefits

  • Supports Lean Mass Gains
  • Amplified Strength & Power Output
  • Promotes Elevated Training Endurance
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