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Black Magic Supply

Black Magic Supply Magic Eraser 84Caps

Black Magic Supply Magic Eraser 84Caps

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Product Highlights

  • Premium, Proven Fat Loss Ingredient Matrix
  • Supports Calorie Burning & Fatty Acid Metabolism
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Caffeine & Kanna for Enhanced Focus
Black Magic Supply Magic Eraser is designed to help you erase all of that unwanted
adipose tissue. Starting with focus, Magic Eraser utilizes Acetyl L-Carnitine, Kanna,
Caffeine and L-Tyrosine to keep you locked in and focused on your diet. It features
potent thermogenic ingredients including Paradoxine which browns white adipose
tissue for enhanced calorie burn, GBB which acts as an exothermic catalyst to
increase heat output and a high potency synephrine for enhanced calorie burning
and fatty acid oxidation. Leave nothing to chance and use a little magic in your fat
loss routine with Black Magic Supply Magic Eraser to help you reveal the lean

Key Benefits

  • Supports Cognition & Focus
  • Enhanced Calorie Burning
  • Increases Sweat Output

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