Black Magic Supply Magic Eraser Advanced Definition Gel (12oz Bottle)

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Product Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Formula for Enhanced Thermogenesis
  • Topical Gel for Easy Application and Spot Reduction
  • More Servings Per Container vs leading competitor
There are certain areas of the body that just plain and simple, lock down
body fat as if it was Fort Knox. Blame survival mechanisms, or just plain
plateaus, your lower back and lower abdomen are two of those areas and
that is why Black Magic Supply Magic Eraser was created – to be a topical,
site reduction gel that not only helps you get a serious sweat going, but will
also help you mobilize those hard to target fat stores. Amplify your results
where you REALLY want them with the Magic Eraser Gel difference.

Key Benefits:

  • Activates Stubborn Body Fat For Burning
  • Enhances Thermic Effect & Sweating
  • Promotes Enhanced Definition & Fat Loss

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