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Black Magic Supply Skull Dust

Black Magic Supply Skull Dust

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Product Highlights

  • 12g Grassfed Collagen
  • Unique Fatty Acid Matrix: Grass-Fed Ghee, MCT Powder & Omega 3-6-9 powder
  • Turmeric powder for natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory support.

Black Magic Supply Skull Dust takes what you think of as boring old collagen and flipped it upside down. Reformulated using a new, novel approach, Skull Dust is more than you momma’s collagen. Starting with Grass Fed Collagen as the base, Skull dust goes above and beyond ‘just’ collagen’. Infused with a fat matrix including grass fed ghee, medium chain triglyceride powder and omega 3-6-9 powder and rounded out with the powerful natural anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory turmeric, Skull Dust is the smart way of creaming your coffee.

Key Benefits

  • Naturally support healthy hair, skin, nails, joints
  • Support increased cognitive performance; Enhanced by ketones
  • Support digestive and immune health and overall reduced inflammation

Customer Reviews

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Brittany (Garland, US)
Great Stuff

I love this coffee creamer, can't stop coming back for more. The hazelnut flavor is my go-to. 2 scoops to my morning mug is a great boost. Has no weird aftertaste, dissolves perfectly and gives that smooth creamer taste to your coffee. Smells a little bit like marshmallows and the powder is extra fine, so be careful closing the bag or you'll get a nosefull of it. Not like smelling hazelnuts for an hour after is a bad thing, though hah.

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