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Black Magic Supply Super Natty

Black Magic Supply Super Natty

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Become supernatural! Super Natty is a premier natural testosterone booster designed to help you become a true alpha male. Featuring some of the top testosterone boosting compounds in the industry, the ingredients in Super Natty have been shown to increase muscle mass, decrease bodyfat percentage, boost sex drive and libido, and improve mood. Super Natty is the perfect addition to any supplement stack and will take your standard routine into overdrive.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew E. (New Berlin, US)
Black Magic bringing it again!

Love this product! I get amazing pumps feel more energy and libido although I am 41 so this may Impact me differently, but I also have built and maintained more muscle and it stacks awesome with prohos or other natty products as well as great PCT support. Thank you Black Magic Supplyand Suppz!

Anthony (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Innovative and effective

Black magic doesn’t disappoint with this one! I used this as a pet of my pct and protocol and I feel like worked great! Coming off an 8 week cycle with some methylated compounds this stuff along with some other stuff in my pct, worked beautifully. Within a week felt right back to normal and the pumps were still there.

rodney (Brownsburg, US)
awesome agains!

Awesome product! Does what it says!

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