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Blackstone Labs AbNORmaL (60 Caps)

Blackstone Labs AbNORmaL (60 Caps)

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blackstone labs abnormal

Muscle gains that are anything but normal

Blackstone Labs is redefining muscle gains with their new product AbNORmaL, a pre-prohormone or anabolic precursor containing 50mg of 19-NorDHEA Blend. This isn't just any normal pro hormone, with extensive research Blackstone Labs has come out with a great new pro hormone designed to deliver muscle gains that are anything but normal.

19-NorDHEA Blend

This blend is essentially a pre-prohormone that converts to nandrolone (commonly known as Deca Durabolin) which is a popular anabolic steroid. This blend is altered slightly in order to deliver extreme muscle gains, while reducing some common side effects that come with using pro's. By altering this form, the methyl is removed at a specific location from the testosterone. Because the methyl is removed at this location, common DHT side effects such as prostate issues, balding, and zits, are reduced, as well as reduced estrogenic side effects that come with testosterone.

AbNORmaL Supplement Facts

abnormal supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kidd Perez (Anaheim, US)

Stacked it with methaquad... explosive good stuff!!!

Jason Rogers (Wichita, US)
Junk 2

I have not seen anything happening from this product. Ever since the real prohormones were banned, all these products now are a waste time and money. I keep trying so many different ones, hoping to stumble upon one that will actually do something, but so far, I am about to throw the towel in.

Anthony (Fort Lauderdale, US)
So far so good

Going on my second week and can definitely see some results in the strength department. My old 1 rep max was 315 and it was a struggle. I recently tested it again and was able to push out 4 reps at 315 and they were fairly smooth. Granted my diet and training have been on par and supports heavy training. As far as the cosmetic stuff, my muscles do feel fuller and this really revs up my appetite as well which is good considering my current goals. All around pleased and a big shout out to Suppz for amazing customer service and timely shipping. Always my go to for getting supplements on line.

Ashley (Crowley, US)

I stacked this product with metha quad and chosen1 !!! strength gains , leaner !!

Tom Ossowski (Dallas, US)
Me and stim

Havnt taken yet but last was good

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