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Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs Anogenin (60 Caps)

The boys at Blackstone Labs are back at it again with another powerful anabolic supplement designed to unleash furious muscle gains.

Blackstone Labs has always created some of the most creative solutions to bodybuilding needs and Anogenin is no different

Anogenin is simply a naturally occurring plant steroid. How could this be? Several plants found in nature have been known to contain steroidal compounds – but only very recently has that steroidal compound been isolated and removed on a large scale.

The best news? Because Anogenin is naturally occurring and is derived from plants and not on a biological level like normal testosterone – it is even approved by the FDA!

The plant steroid that is in Anogenin actually resembles the incredible muscle building and fat burning effects of Anavar. This specific plant steroid is called Laxogenin and has been shown to boost metabolism and increase strength within days of first consumption.

This is truly the next level of all natural anabolic compounds!

Some highlights of Anogenin:
  • Not toxic to the liver
  • can be taken by both men and women
  • helps increase protein synthesis and recovery
  • Increases nitrogen retention in the body
  • Decrease the stress hormone Cortisol
  • Will not be detected on any Steroid test

How to take Blackstone Labs Anogenin

If you are looking to take Anogenin as a “stand alone cycle” you should take 3 capsules per day for 6 straight weeks. Make sure to cycle off o Anogenin for 8 weeks after.

If you are looking to take Anogenin as an everyday mass builder, you can take 1 capsule per day for 12 weeks.

Do not exceed the recommended dose

Blackstone Labs Anogenin (60 Caps) Supplement Facts

Blackstone Labs Anogenin (60 Caps) supplement facts

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