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Blackstone Labs EPI Smash (60 Tabs)

Blackstone Labs EPI Smash (60 Tabs)

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Product Highlights

  • 375mg Epicatechin for Enhanced Natural Muscle Growth
  • 100mg Laxogenin for Natural Anabolism
  • High Potency, All-Natural Anabolic Formula
On the road to adding lean muscle mass, it can often be frustrating and a very slow
process. Even with nutrition on point and training intensity consistent, plateaus can
and do happen. That is why Blackstone Labs released Epi Smash, a potent, natural
anabolic formula designed to help you add lean muscle mass and push growth to a
new level. Featuring potent ingredients including Epicatechin and Laxogenin, two
research backed, natural anabolics, Epi Smash will help you push beyond your
natural limits. Fear not, though it is an anabolic product, it is non-hormonal so the
nasty side effects associated with other products promising anabolic benefits are
non-existent. Take it up a notch with Epi Smash!

Key Benefits

  • Lean Muscle Mass Growth
  • Enhanced Recovery & Protein Synthesis
  • Natural, Non-Hormonal Formula

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Les (Saint Paul, US)

Took this product not sure how much it would help but it did. Increase reps and endurance in the gym and I got slightly leaner. Kinda pricey

Chris Yielding
Highly recommend!

Currently on my second bottle, very pleased with the results. Seeing great strength gains and my shirts are feeling tighter through the arms and shoulders!

Troy White (Tampa, US)

I’ve just recent started stacking this with Blackstone Labs Halo Elite. I feel a decent pump, and have noticed my endurance and strength have gradually been going up. Will continue to run this stack to see if the longer I take it the better it gets

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