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Blackstone Labs EpiCat (60 Caps)

Blackstone Labs EpiCat (60 Caps)

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Blackstone Labs EpiCat delivers a ridiculous anabolic blow and is truly the future of anabolic supplements.

The boys over at Blackstone Labs have done it again and deliver a supplement so strong that it can flip the genetic switch to maximum lean muscle and strength gains.

Blackstone Labs is not the newest steroid, growth hormone blend or even powerful pro hormone. EpiCat’s awesomeness lies in its special formulation for maximum genetic modification. EpiCat works its magic by using a substance by the name of epicatechin which is found naturally in cocoa beans. Epicatechin is a powerful anabolic ingredient due to how it interferes with our muscles release of myostatin.

The mechanisms behind this reaction work by releasing another molecule called follistatin – but acts as a distraction to the myostatin.

Tired of the bro science? Let’s put it like this. Your muscles will no longer be properly regulated for size due to this incredible interference. The result is that you can roar past your current genetic plateaus and make furious lean muscle and strength gains with EpiCat.

Once you are able to control the Myostatin in your body your muscles can grow uncontrollably huge with no automatic signal holding them back!

EpiCat is a highly concentrated anabolic muscle building supplement that is the first product specifically formulated to unleash your anabolic muscle building potential without dangerous side effects like those associated with steroids and pro hormones.

Each capsule contains only 3 powerful all natural ingredients:
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Epicatechins
  • Rice Fiber

No hidden anabolic substances or dangerous compounds. The end result is unleashing your genetic potential!

How to take EpiCat by Blackstone Labs

For maximum results you can take up to 2 capsules per day with a meal. Never exceed 2 capsules per day. Do not consume on an empty stomach

Blackstone Labs EpiCat Nutrition Facts

EpiCat Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

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Ashley (Crowley, US)

currently taking this product , stacked it with ANOGENIN pretty mild compare to the other stacks i took of BSL

Tom Ossowski (Dallas, US)

With other good take with food

Decent Product

My cat made mad gains on this stuff. Only one dose per day with a protein enhanced cat food

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