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Blackstone Labs Metha Quad Extreme

Blackstone Labs Metha Quad Extreme

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Metha Quad Extreme is the latest formulation of Blackstone Labs most potent prohormone. Metha Quad is a potent blend of 4 anabolic compounds including Androsterone, 1-Andro, 1-Andro, and Arimistane. Metha Quad does require post cycle therapy and should not be used longer than 2 months without a break.


BLACKSTONE LABS METHAQUAD is the most potent prohormone on the supplement market and its an actual blend of both cutting, bulking, and anti-estrogen ingredients that provide a huge increase in size and strength. For those people that are worried about water retention no need methaquad is a lean bulker!

A lot of people only want to take 1 muscle building compound that aids in size, strength, recovery, and dryness. 

That's where methaquad comes into play!

Here's a little breakdown on why? Find the product here

150mg androsterone is a remarkably versatile prohormone that converts to stanolone A.K.A dihydrotestosterone which gives amazing benefits to muscle building. Androsterone is NOT estrogenic and it actually provides an anti-estrogenic effect in the body, allowing it to be the perfect pro-hormone to use for lean bulking or cutting.

50mg 1andro, which undergoes a 2 step conversion to 1 testosterone in the bloodstream. People get confused with 1testosterone. It's not the testosterone you're thinking of, it's your base so you don't get suppressed on cycle. 1 andro is a pure anabolic that doesn't convert to dht or estrogen which makes it a pure anabolic allowing you to put on quality lean muscle tissue. 

50mg 4 andro, which goes through a two step conversion to testosterone in the bloodstream. Running other compounds like the androsterone and 1andro you want a test BASE like 4 andro that provides a synergistic effect to one keep your testosterone from being suppressed on cycle, allow you to increase size, and really ramp up the appetite so you're properly utilizing nutrients from your diet to aid in putting on good quality muscle tissue. 

50mg of arimistane, which is an aromatase inhibitor that suppresses circulating estrogen levels and cortisol in the body. Arimistane blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which will allow the 4 andro to really kick in and show its true effect without causing side effects like gyno or water retention.

Who can use this product?

Honestly anyone can use methaquad whether you’re in a powerlifting meet to get your prs up, trying to put on quality lean muscle tissue, cutting for a photo shoot or competition, and for people that are worried about compounds being toxic the cool thing about methaquad its non-liver toxic and non-methylated. Blackstone Labs uses liposomal technology that is made up of a fat soluble and water soluble that by passes the liver and shuttles straight to the bloodstream giving users a full benefit of Methaquad.

How to cycle?

Blackstone Labs recommends to do a 8 week cycle of Methquad because the product really starts to kick in the 3rd and 4th week and gets progressive after that.

Does methaquad require a PCT?

Yes Blackstone Labs recommends stacking apex male and pctv after a cycle for a month. To set your body back to homeostasis like your testosterone and estrogen. What that will do is it will make sure you keep your gains even after your cycle. But remember to always make sure to stay on top of your diet, training, sleep, and water intake.

Ifbb Pro Sami Ghanem in his opinion taking two methaquad a day is a game changer!

So if you're interested in trying methaqaud, you can purchase it right here then add it to the cart and let’s get the gains on the road!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Derek (Brooklyn, US)
Great stuff

Love this stuff . It def works
High price but worth it

Jacob Reid (Quincy, US)

Great product, saw excellent results over a 12 week cycle, stacked with brutal4ce I gained 15 lean pounds and my max bench went from 305 to 365, reps increased by 8-4 from 225 to 305

Zach Derr (Keokuk, US)

Highly recommend this product. Saw results immediately.

Jesus Munoz (Dumas, US)

should I buy in stack or? and how would I take these

M.M. (Tampa, US)

I’ve been taking the Quad-Meth for 1 week now., but I am stacking it with Chosen 1. The difference in the gym has been amazing. The amount I’m lifting has all increased between 5-20lbs during reps depending on the exercise. I’ve already noticed awesome pumps and size as well. The big key is also proper diet and eating. Looking forward to finishing this cycle out.

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