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Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs PCT V (60 Caps)

Blackstone Labs PCT V (60 Caps)

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PCT V is more than just a post cycle therapy product. PCT V is a natural testosterone booster, mass builder, antioxidant, and estrogen blocker all rolled into one. Anyone looking to gain lean muscle mass, reduce estrogen bloat and water retention, and improve libido can benefit from PCT V. The best part is it requires no post cycle therapy, and can actually be used for PCT after a pro hormone cycle.

PCT V Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris - Natural testosterone booster and libido enhancer.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine - Antioxidant
  • 4-Alpha Hydroxy Laxogen - Hardcore mass builder. Laxogen has emerged as one of the top replacements for banned pro hormones since DASCA.
  • 5-Eradicate - Estrogen blocker. Reduce stored bodyfat, water retention, and sexual dysfunction.
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