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Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs Recomp Rx (120 Caps)

Blackstone Labs Recomp Rx (120 Caps)

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Blackstone Labs Recomp-RX is your answer to that tough goal of building muscle while burning fat at the same time. Both of these goals usually require a different type of diet. Or going through the long bulking and cutting cycles to just realize you’re back to where you started after your cut. Recomp-RX has been formulated to be a revolutionary body recomposition supplement that allows you to decrease body fat while increasing muscle mass and strength.

Recomp-RX’s highlight ingredient is ursolic acid. A very potent and anabolic compound that prevents catabolism of muscle tissue. You’ll be able to build muscle without all the added calories of being in a bulk cycle.

Product Highlights

  • Build muscle and burn fat at the same time
  • All natural
  • Anti-catabolic

Ingredient Breakdown

  • Ursolic Acid – Research suggests ursolic acid promotes muscle hypertrophy and expression of insulin and insulin like growth. These are they key features that will add to growth without a large calorie consumption. Also prevents muscle loss.
  • Banaba Leaf – Enhances your bodies response to glucose due to corosolic acid. Improves insulin sensitivity and insulin uptake which will yield more muscle growth and no stored body fat.

Supplement Facts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Iruz Salim (Jurong West New Town, SG)

If you into training and growing this is the one to take :)

Jared (Wilkes-Barre, US)
Amazing Product!

I didn't have much faith in this but a week in it was amazing how much I had changed. Leave it to Blackstone for Amazing products!

This shit works

S/o to whoever made the invoice for $15 so I didn't have to pay customs here in India. Took 16 days, 5 of which the product didn't ship because of holidays. But once shipped took 11 days to reach me in India. No customs paid, which was great.

As for the product, shit works. Been 5 days and muscles are fuller 24/7 and body fat is decreasing really fast. Going to order again definitely.

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