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Blackstone Labs SST-1 Kit

Blackstone Labs SST-1 Kit

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Product Highlights

  • IGF-1 Precursor For Lean Muscle Development
  • Features 22.5mcg NPX-GF from Whey Protein Isolate for Muscle Cell Growth
  • 100% Natural Anabolic Formula
The Blackstone Labs SST-1 Kit was developed for the most hardcore of the hardcore in mind. While everyone talks these days about how the ‘good stuff’ is no longer on the market for various reasons, the SST-1 Kit is a new and novel approach for accelerating your results in the gym. Focusing on providing growth hormone mimickers and IGF-1 precursors, the SST-1 Kit is truly unlike anything on the market. By providing these powerful peptides through a naturally occurring source, you’ll be stacking the deck in your favor for increasing lean muscle mass via hyperplasia (new muscle cell growth) and hypertrophy (muscle cell growth and expansion). Derived naturally from whey protein, you also can rest assured that the SST-1 Kit is a natural and safe supplement to take your results to the next level.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance Lean Muscle Growth
  • Accelerate Lean Muscle Recovery
  • Improve Overall Body Composition

Customer Reviews

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rodney (Brownsburg, US)

It has helped me get stronger and recover a lot faster from my workouts

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