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Chemix GDA 180 Caps

Chemix GDA 180 Caps

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Product Highlights:

  • Potent Insulin Mimetic Effect Formula
  • 300mg Bitter Melon + 450mg Banaba Leaf Extract For Glucose Uptake
  • 300mg Super Berberine for Improved Insulin Sensitivity
Carbs have always gotten the wrap as the bad guy. Too many of them and
your bathtub will get stretch marks and too few, you simply won’t grow that
hard earned muscle you desire. What gives? The key is insulin, a potent
hormone that is the most powerful one in the body. When your body is
sensitive to it, glucose from carbs is preferentially stored as glycogen...but
when insulin sensitivity is low due to high body fat or from pounding carbs
for too long, it’s preferentially stored as fat instead...yikes. Chemix GDA is
designed to not only help shuttle carbohydrates into muscle but also take the
issue of insulin sensitivity head on and increase it. More muscle, less body
fat...that is a the perfect storm and the reason behind Chemix GDA. Win the
war on body composition with science!

Key Benefits:

  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • Enhanced Glucose Uptake
  • Promote Lean Muscle Growth & Prevent Fat Storage

Customer Reviews

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Eduardo (Newark, US)
Amazing GDA

Great product, way better than his previous formulations, eat carbs and then workout and watch the pumps

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