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Chemix King of Pumps

Chemix King of Pumps

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Product Highlights

  • Features 6g L-Citrulline, 3g GlyerPump, 800mg of EndoPump, and 100mg of S7
  • Premium, non-Stimulant Formula for optimal versatility in use
  • Science based, research supported formula

In the quest for attaining the optimal pump, we seem to be bombarded by product after product that is touted to be the ultimate solution, yet none deliver as promised. Enter King of Pumps by Chemix, the premium, non-stimulant pre-workout created by the notorious Guerilla Chemist. Formulated with years of research and testing all rolled into one of the most thoroughly formulated products ever seen, King of Pumps will redefine what a pump product should be. All other pump products have been put on notice... the KING has arrived.

Key Benefits

  • Promote Muscle Growth and Recovery
  • Peak Performance Formula
  • Initiates Mind Blowing Pumps
  • Maximizes Muscle Expansion & Cellular Hydration
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